COPENHAGEN, may 5. / TASS /. The Belarus defender, Vladimir Denisov, the ashamed of the defeat of the team of France in the world Cup. About the hockey player.

Belarusian hockey players lost in their second match at the tournament, the French team with the score 2: 6. In the first match they lost to the Swedes – 0: 5. In the next game they will face the team of Russia on 7 may.

"Frustrating to lose with such a score. Perhaps the outcome is not on the game, in my opinion, we even perepisali. We need to prepare for each opponent, just all the teams are of different level, “said Denisov. I hope they all understood the importance of this match, but it was even embarrassing, because we have to take games like the French".

In the first period of the team’s coaching staff Ivan Kulbakova after two goals conceded. "If not the game is the goalkeeper, you have to help the other players, after all, plays one goalkeeper. As for the talk of the team without the coaches, I think we will meet. We have the captain and the assistants, they might want, and maybe I will gather all"- said Denisov.

According to the lawyer, Dmitry Korobov, the French became an angler after the defeat of the Russians on Friday (0: 7). "We must work, everything goes through the work. Are you are to win, we will work even more. As for Geoff Platt and Charles Lingle (both canadian player play for Belarus – approx. TASS), they are all aware of the plow, we are one team"- said Korobov.


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