The head of the working group of the IAAF Andersen thanked the journalist for his work on Chagino

First Deputy General Director of RUSADA Margarita Pagnocca

MOSCOW, may 5. / TASS /. The head of the working group of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) rune Andersen praised the work of the anti-doping Agency (RUSADA), staff in mid-April, managed to establish the fact of direct participation disqualified for life coach Viktor Chegin in training leading Russian walkers. This was reported by TASS first Deputy Director General of RUSADA Margarita Pagnocca.

A group of employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, of the anti-doping rule violation. In the course of the sport, on the road walking, in the course of the race, with the participation of the athletes of the national team of Russia. 25 APR 2018 RUSADA sent the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) the requirement to provide explanations on this fact promptly. Currently, the journalist is investigating.

"In the framework of the monitoring of the Council of Europe, in the framework of the Council of Europe, in the framework of the Council of Europe, in the field of education, which ended on Friday, I had a conversation with the head of the working group of the IAAF Anderson , who thanked the journalist for the accurate performance of their duties during a trip to Kyrgyzstan to collect walkers"- said Ahnika.

The IAAF on the Shadow of the Blacks is the fifth of the neutral status of the athletes, which they will not be able to perform at the World Cup. Neutral status of the deprived Claudia Afanasyeva, Olga Eliseeva, Julia Lobanova, Sergey Sharypov and Sergey Shirobokov. The decision was made to further investigate a number of serious sportsmen in the training camp in Karakol (Kyrgyzstan), which was attended by the disqualified coach Chegin.

The head of wfla Dmitry shlyahtin noted that the fact of the cooperation of the five walkers and Chegini not yet proven, and athletes categorically deny it.


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