The head coach of "Zenith" Mancini wished Ferguson a speedy recoveryHead coach of FC Zenit Roberto Mancini

MOSCOW, May 6 – RIA Novosti. Head Coach of the St. Petersburg Football Club "Zenith" Roberto Mancini wished the former coach of English "Manchester United" Alex Ferguson speedy recovery.

On Saturday, it became known that 76-year-old Ferguson was hospitalized in serious condition and underwent surgery for cerebral hemorrhage. The operation went well, but Ferguson will have a period of intensive therapy.

"I wish Sir Ferguson a speedy recovery. Stay strong", – wrote Mancini in his microblog on Twitter.

Wishing sir Ferguson a speedy recovery. Be strong Alex!

Auguro a sir Ferguson di rimettersi presto. Tieni duro Alex!

– Roberto Mancini (@robymancio) May 5, 2018


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