The government has set the scale of the protestPhoto: “New newspaper”

In Yekaterinburg, a peaceful walk, opposition, lasted more than three hours. About the eight kilometers, the townspeople along the Central streets of the city, shouting anti-Putin slogans and attracting to his protest with each step, more and more people.

According to the representatives of Navalny’s campaign staff in Yekaterinburg, the police said about 900 protesters. That has been declared by the security forces, such a large-scale opposition marches in the capital of the Urals was not.

The protests were entirely peaceful. Despite the fact that the meeting had been agreed upon, the people did not disperse. , In places of transition of the carriageway of the road.

All passed without incident, unless you count the episode on the Weiner Street, where someone is hiding behind the curtains in their apartment. From the unexpected action “sniper” no one was hurt, but the unknown has a wave of friendly slogans.

During the walk, he was detained by one man, which passed in the narrow pass of the police. Igor Nalogov immediately detained. The part of the witnesses went after his friend and the police. Later he was taken to Leninsky district court. As we said at the headquarters of Navalny, he is already in need of legal assistance.

Application to hold a rally “Russia for freedom.” Both were denied, as all other areas of the city.

The government has set the scale of the protestPhoto: “New newspaper”

The Drama in the limp mode. The Drama in limp mode. About thirty people danced and played games – so the authorities are trying to attract attention to the problems of disabled people in Russia. But the problem was the right to take the steep stairs closer to those who were for the right. Disabled there was not. Only one wheelchair user was watching all this action from afar, closer to him was not selected.

Five girls danced to loud music from the speakers. What a holiday, they could not explain, but suggested that also “protect the rights of people with disabilities”.

Thus, prohibiting all the main Central site for supporters of Navalny, the authorities provoked a wonderful stroll. Because of the problem of corruption in Russia, it is rallied in one clearly marked location.

The government has set the scale of the protest

Photo: “New newspaper”


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