It’s time to get to know Rene Maric from Salzburg.

The founder of the website on tactics trains the semi-finalist of the League of Europe. He is only 26

The draw of the semi-finals of the Europa League turned out to be ruthless. Whatever happened around, everyone will watch Arsenal – Atletico. Although in terms of football, the pair “Marcel” and “Red Bull Salzburg” is more interesting.

In the first match, “Salzburg” lost 0: 2, but was really good, and even stopping in the semifinals of the Europa League will be an excellent result for the Austrians. One of the creators of this breakthrough is the second coach Rene Marich.

Renee ended his career as a football player when he was 20 and 20 – all due to a serious injury suffered in the seventh Austrian division. Realizing that all previous plans had collapsed, he became an assistant coach for the small club “Handenberg” and studied at the local university for a psychologist in parallel.

Unconventional thinking and profound research of football manifested itself even then. “On post-match training, Renee did not explain anything – he just gave some exercises. Only a few days later we realized that they were aimed at correcting our latest mistakes, “said Stefan Kirnstetter, who played in” Handenberg “.

The founder of the website on tactics trains the semi-finalist of the League of Europe. He is only 26

Work in a supernumerary club and studying at the University of Marich was not enough. In 2011 he together with several friends launched the site Spielverlagerung – now this is the main media about tactics in the world. “After traumatizing and completing my career, I spent more and more time searching for different information on the Internet. I talked on forums and so I got to know the guys with whom we later created Spielverlagerung. Initially, we launched the site for our own thinking, exchanging information and searching for other people whom football was interested in from the same side as us. But we became a little more famous, and different doors opened before us, the tasks became more complicated, “Marich recalled. At the time of the launch of the project, he was only 19.

Clubs ordered the authors of Spielverlagerung analytical reports on rivals or potential newcomers, they were invited to seminars, the media ordered them texts about tactics. So Marich began to cooperate with the site, for which since 2012 he has written 523 articles. “Five years ago I could not even imagine that I would be where I am now,” Marich told Abseits in the summer of 2017.

The founder of the website on tactics trains the semi-finalist of the League of Europe. He is only 26

To Marich and his project Spielverlagerung, Thomas Tuchel (during the work in “Mainz”) and Roger Schmidt (“Salzburg”) applied. “Tuchel read the analysis of the game” Mainz “against” Bavaria “Guardiola and sent us a letter to the post office. There was an invitation to the meeting, “Marich said. The meeting was a success – Tukhel ordered the blogger reports on future rivals of the “Mainz”.

In “Salzburg” Marich was also due to Spielverlagerung. In January 2016, Ren got a text about the youth team “Salzburg” (under 18 years old), which was coached by Marco Rosa.

Thank you, the announcement is hidden.

The same text

After the publication of the post, Marich wrote to Rosa himself. “My expectations from him were high, but he seemed to me even more interesting in communication than I expected,” Marich admitted. Soon the dialogue also began with the head of the youth department of Salzburg, Ernst Tanner, who studied the articles and teaching methods of Marich, and Renee asked to work in the club. Everyone liked this option, and in the summer of 2016 Marich became an assistant to Rosa in “Salzburg U-19”.

The founder of the website on tactics trains the semi-finalist of the League of Europe. He is only 26

The first year in the “Red Bull” turned fabulous: the team won the Youth League of UEFA. In the preliminary rounds, Rosa and Maric took out Vardar (8: 0 for the sum of two matches), Kairat (9: 1), and also defeated Man City on penalties. In the main stage, where the opponents played one game, Salzburg was stronger than PSG (5-0), Atletico (2-1), Barcelona (2-1) and Benfica (2-1 ). The victory in the tournament Marich explained the correct team mentality, the quality of players, careful preparation for each opponent, excellent physical condition and luck. “In the Salzburg Academy, all teams play one philosophy. Teaching methods are also the same for different ages. In the Youth League of UEFA, we did not depart from club ideas, “- said the coach.

In the summer of 2017, Rose and Marich moved to the main team of Salzburg. In the course of the season in U-19 Marich wrote mini-reports, which he planned to disassemble in detail during the off-season, but because of the translation, time was not spent on this. “Globally, we did not manage to work on youth projects, but within a year we had time to exchange views on the past and on how to progress in the future.”

At the heart of the “Salzburg” Marich faced several players older than him (in September, Rene will be only 26), but he does not see a problem: “When football players feel that you can help them, they do not care whether you are 18 or 38. There are still two reasons why I feel comfortable. First, we still have a lot of young players. Secondly, footballers ask many interesting questions when they learn about my past. “

The founder of the website on tactics trains the semi-finalist of the League of Europe. He is only 26

Maric emphasizes that in talking with the players he does not use the language with which the articles for Spielverlagerung are written: “My texts are a reflection of observations, it is a language of concepts. When working with a team, it is important to filter out the most important ideas and transfer them effectively. This is the language of action. I never saw myself as a journalist, Spielverlagerung was a training that aroused interest in other people. Now I’m not only analyzing, but also the next step – delivering information to the players. “

In communication with the team, RenĂ© notes the role of head coach Rosa: “He can pick the right words, he’s my best teacher. Sometimes I feel that I lack practical knowledge. Then I appeal to the members of our coaching staff or even to the players. For me it was never a problem. “

41-year-old Rose and 26-year-old Marich perfectly complement each other. Marich is a fan of Guardiola and positional football, and Rose put pressure and counter-pressure on Salzburg. “It seems to me that these things do not contradict each other. Prior to my arrival, Rose showed excellent results in U-18: his team did not lose a single match in the championship and missed the least. This is impossible without the fundamentals of the positional game. We have principles that are related to the location of the players, but we want the players to be creative and free – of course, as long as the team benefits from it. Also we want to cut off as many rivals as possible from the episodes. Compliance with the principles of positional play helps us in pressing and counterpressing – these ideas allow us to be more effective in defense. “

The founder of the website on tactics trains the semi-finalist of the League of Europe. He is only 26

Marich works as an assistant coach for a large team only the first season, but he is already asked about independent work. While Renee is very modest: “The head coach has other opportunities to realize ideas, but for this it is necessary to develop in all areas. I need to be stronger in managing people, in tactical nuances, even when dealing with the press. “

Now Marich is pleased with the role of the second coach in the “Salzburg”, but, perhaps very soon, he will go to the promotion. After a bright performance in the European League and the next title in Austria, Marco Roze became interested in clubs of the German Bundesliga.

Probably, in the summer Rose will go to Dortmund or Leipzig. Marich will follow him.

A photo:; ReneMaric; REUTERS / Jean-Paul Pelissier


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