The former candidate for the presidency of France goes to the "Immortal Regiment"

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The meeting with the oppositionist Melanchon calls the main task of his visit. The politician stressed at the same time that he distanced himself from the protest action that Udaltsov organizes on May 6, the day before the inauguration of President Vladimir Putin. “It will be poorly received,” Melanchon explained.

As for the action “Immortal Regiment”, the participation in it of the leader of the French opposition party “Unruly France” and the deputy of the National Assembly explains the desire to express a special attitude towards Russia: “I think this is a good reason to show Russians, not the authorities, fraternal feelings , mutual understanding and sympathy “.

Melanchon warmly responded about the mass processions with photographs of participants in the Great Patriotic War. He stressed that in general, in his opinion, it is important for French politicians to travel to Russia to “destroy the atmosphere "The Cold War"”, Show that” the world is not divided into black and white. “

The actions of the “Immortal Regiment” have been held since 2012. The movement survived the split, its leaders accused officials of trying to seize the organization. In 2015, the “Immortal Regiment” in Moscow, with the support of the authorities, gathered hundreds of thousands of participants. This year the procession must pass from Dinamo to Red Square.

The action will be held after the military parade, which can remain without the participation of leaders of foreign countries. The Kremlin reported that they did not send special invitations. Last year, only Moldovan President Igor Dodon came to the Parade.


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