The foreign car flew into the fence on the empty Kantemirovskaya streetAn accident at the intersection of Kantemirovskaya and Kharchenko streets. Photo: spb_today

An accident involving a car happened on the night of May 2 at Kantemirovskaya Street. The driver managed to ram the fence on an empty road.

Driver "cars" He did not manage to manage and flew into the fence at the intersection of Kantemirovskaya Street and Kharchenko Street. The accident was reported eyewitnesses in public "Road accident and state of emergency in Saint-Petersburg".

According to witnesses to the accident, the motorist flew into a fence on an empty road. The machine can not be repaired – "a meeting" with a fence turned it into a car.

Previously, a drunk driver demolished the fence and stopped the movement of trams on Iskrovsky Avenue. Owner BMW tried to escape from the scene of an accident, but he was stopped by eyewitnesses. However, the motorist managed to escape and return behind the wheel. However, the trip was short-lived – the owner of the foreign car had another accident, crashing into the fence at the corner of Iskrovsky and Kollontai.


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