Airat Silent Gaziev, a player of the FlyToMoon team, which became the main sensation of the Moscow tournament EPICENTER, compared the championship of “Locomotive” with the defeat of

– “Locomotive” became the champion of Russia in football, beating the house “Zenith”. At this point, you beat Which event is as important as you think?

– Yes? Have they already won? Excellent! Well, for Moscow, I think the championship of Russia is more significant, although personally for me our victory is more important. It seemed to me that early admitted defeat, I was determined to continue the battle, but it all ended. I did not think that everything would end so unexpectedly. But the burden of responsibility from the shoulders was asleep, it became easy.

– You strongly pressed the “bears” in the end. Do you think your individual game did not make the management think about returning you to the team?

– No I do not think so. I made a lot of mistakes on the second card. But the level of the game that Vladimir No [o] ne Minenko showed, it is impossible not to assess. It was very difficult to play against him, he held the position well. His actions several times put me into a stupor.

– What are you planning to do next? To win EPICENTER?

– It’s such a delicate situation: if we suddenly win the EPICENTER, we can get into the top 8 of the DPC rating, which will make possible our participation in The International. Of course, we all would like to go there. If it does not work, we will prepare for the qualifications.

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