Unexpected and previously unseen works have Mars in St. Petersburg. Petersburg on may 5. It is impossible to pass on to Million street the embankment of the Moika river.

Have covered the gray walls of the field of Mars, there is a plate from which it follows: Park and garden enterprise “Central” carries out a complex of works on maintenance of cultural heritage. The passage is prohibited until the end of these works. Date and time are not specified.

    The field of Mars in St. Petersburg was closed because of sudden "complex works"

We will remind you that the day may 5 in St. Petersburg is completely blocked. Around 2:00 pm there with mileage going to start a biker, they open the season. At three o’clock in the square, the Victory Parade. Security benchmarks so massive that almost no passage for bikers and travelers – the courtyard of the Hermitage unusually empty.

It is on the may 5 protest, including in St. Petersburg. Petersburg, planned by the supporters of Alexei Navalny. Uncoordinated actions and, hence, detention, were held in several Russian cities.

We add that Champ de Mars, in contrast to the majority of the Petersburg parks, are not closed even on drying.


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