The Culture Ministry has complained to the Prosecutor's Office owes to the budget of the Studio

The Ministry of Culture has been informed that the Prosecutor General to check how the return of the budget has been paid, and to prosecute those who did not return them. Appeal sent on 18 April.

Claims brought against the companies that have received money from the budget, but the films are not removed, the money, the ministry did not return and did not pay fines. The five film companies, agreements are concluded with them in the period from 2011 to 2014, according to the Ministry of Culture: “arcade entertainment” (the movie “red Dog”), “Line cinema” Studio of Sergei Solovyov “(film” Elizabeth and Clodel “,” In motion “,” state unitary enterprise “film Studio” Chechenfilm “(” Longing “) and” MV cinema “(film” Crime Blues for saxophone ” ). The Director of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry Olga Lubimova reported that the Department undertook a full review of films on behalf of the Minister.

Of the company, indebted to the budget, will be able to participate in the competitions of the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry was trying to recover from these companies, the money through the courts, but to no avail, said the Ministry.

The Culture Ministry has complained to the Prosecutor's Office owes to the budget of the Studio

State cinema fund has also engaged in film distribution

“Liniya Kino” Studio of Sergey Soloveva “the Ministry of Culture filed a lawsuit in may 2017, the Ministry demanded that the company of more than 25 million in March 2018, the court was granted the Ministry’s requirement, the courts of appeal were also on his side “With the company” In motion “Ministry sued in 2012 demanded from the company of 23.2 million rubles From the unitary enterprise” film Studio “Chechenfilm” the Ministry has been able to sue to 23.17 million roubles in 2014, and the company ” MV cinema “- at the end of 2017 6.6 million RUB., According to the filing of arbitration cases.

In Russia, the annual allocation of billions of rubles from the budget for the production and distribution of domestic films. Picture for a mass audience. It’s either the subsidy of the Ministry of Culture or the money of the cinema fund. This year, leaders can get 2.5 billion rubles, 2 billion rubles of which is irretrievably. In 2016 the Fund was distributed among film companies. 4.2 billion rubles, of which 3.5 billion budget, the rest of his own money.


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