The Central Bank revealed problems with the solvency of the insurer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Since April 28, the Central Bank has appointed a temporary administration in the Central Insurance Company (CSP): the company violated the requirements for financial stability and solvency, the regulator said.

In December last year, the CSC won a tender for life and health insurance for 788,800 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 2018-2019. for 13.7 billion rubles., said on the portal of public procurement. According to the law, the insurer will have to pay 2 million rubles for the death of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in the case of a disability – from 500,000 to 1.5 million rubles.

On Saturday, the Central Bank announced that it suspended the validity of the license for voluntary personal insurance from the Central Intelligence Agency, including life and health insurance for servicemen and employees of several departments. The regulator took the insurer life and health of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 10 days to eliminate violations. If the company does not do this, the regulator has the right to revoke its license.

The Central Bank revealed problems with the solvency of the insurer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Central Bank does not comment on the operating companies. His representative only recalled that the suspension of licenses means a ban on the conclusion of new insurance contracts, as well as making changes to current ones, if they entail an increase in the obligations of the insurer. The insurer is obliged to accept applications for the occurrence of insured events and fulfill obligations.

This is not the first supervisory action of the regulator in relation to the CSO. A year ago, in April 2017, the Central Bank for six months introduced into the CSR a temporary administration because of improper performance of the company’s solvency restoration plan. In October, the temporary administration left the company – its presence did not prevent the TSO from circumventing the leaders of the market in the tender of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Sogaz, VTB Insurance and MAKS.

MAKS even before the competition drew the attention of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to “very strange indicators” presented in the tender, the general director of the company Nadezhda Martyanova told Vedomosti. “How could 13 billion rubles. state funds to transfer this structure – we just get divorced, “- she resented. The CSC managed to get the maximum score in the competition according to the criterion of “growth rates” over the past three years, one of the losers said. According to this indicator, Sogaz, VTB Insurance and MAKS were eliminated. The license for the right to engage in this type of insurance was received by the CSC three days before the tender.

Similar cases, when the company was suspended the license for the OGS life and health of servicemen, was not yet, says Sergey Pechnikov, director of insurance development at IC MAKS. For this tender, the contract is terminated only in case of liquidation of the company and there are no points on the return of the premium in this case in the tender documentation, he notes. If the license is withdrawn from the CSC, it is likely that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will have to hold a new competition, Pechnikov said.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is aware of the decision of the Central Bank, the issue is taken by the leadership for special control, the press center of the department said. “The legal rights of employees will be met in full and the corresponding payments will be made in accordance with the established procedure,” the message says. The press center noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated the issue “on the implementation of compensation payments directly by the department, as it was before.”

“Vedomosti” are waiting for comments from the Center.


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