The British House of Commons adopted an amendment similar to the Magnitsky Act

The House of Commons of the British Parliament adopted an amendment to the draft law on sanctions, similar to Magnitsky’s act. It is directed against violators of human rights, the British media reported.

This amendment implies the disclosure until 2020 of information on persons holding assets in the jurisdiction of the British, Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands.

The bill, together with the amendment, should now be considered in the House of Lords. According to British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, the amendment will allow "act against those who are responsible for serious offenses around the world".

In 2016, the US Congress passed a bill extending the Magnitsky law to all countries of the world, not just Russia. The law gives the president the right to list people who, in his opinion, are guilty of corruption and human rights violations. Similar legal acts were adopted by Canada, Estonia, Lithuania.

In turn, Vladimir Putin called the situation around the act of Magnitsky non-constructive political games, reports "Interfax".


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