Most Syrians support their president and the military, but the BBC presents the British a different, one-sided story. This was confirmed by the British baroness and member of the House of Lords Caroline Cox, which she told on air of the banned in the West of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Caroline Cox, who returned from a tour of Syrian cities, during which she spoke with “a wide range of people”, including government officials, opposition leaders, artists, intellectuals, writers and ordinary Syrians. According to her, despite the statements of Western governments and the media, the overwhelming majority of Syrians are grateful to President Bashar Assad, the Syrian and Russian armed forces for fighting the Islamic state.

"[Syrian people] I am very grateful to the Syrian army, Assad and, I can say, to Russia for helping to get rid of the terrorists who are the perpetrators of the most horrific atrocities and murders", said the desperate baroness, -"People are very interested in hearing the views of people inside Syria. It is well known that the BBC’s reports are very biased and very one-sided, and therefore they really want to get a more complete picture.<…>British media, such as the BBC, have worked poorly to accurately convey the public attitude to Assad"

She also rejected accusations that her trip to Syria was somehow inappropriate or was somehow organized by the Russians or someone else for propaganda purposes. She stated that she was free to talk with the random people she met in the park- “what could not have been arranged by the government".

“I talked to two delightful Muslim women in one of the parks in Aleppo, and it was not prepared in advance, and I asked them what they felt about the situation, and what they said was completely out of line with what we heard on official meetings, “she said.

According to Cox, her message to the British people – and the whole world – is very simple:

“Please, we can leave the Syrian people free to decide their own future.”

"Gaddafi stood in line to get" humanitarian award of the year " from the United Nations, until the US instead made him a brutal dictator. This is the modus operandi of America and the West. Lie, lie, lie,"- write English-speaking users in the comments on the RT website, -"The West wants Assad to leave at all costs, as he is the only leader who is on the way to building their oil pipeline from Qatar to Turkey. The West wants a regime change to achieve this goal, and their attacks on Syria and the support of terrorists trying to oust Assad are all on this agenda. It’s all about oil."


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