MOSCOW, April 30. / TASS /. The Commission of the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) will gather on 10-11 may. This was announced by the Vice-President of the RBU and the head of the Commission Vadim Melikhov, whose word brings the press service of the Union.

"Pleased with the activity of the trainers, said Melikhov. – Applications received until the last day, all of them made 32. To date, all the members of the Commission have sent their lists of coaches to their programs. I believe that the competition will be able to gather 10 or may 11".

"As for the start time fees, the coaching council, the attention to which the first charges are advisable to start in June. In may, the first team of athletes will undergo recovery fees under the guidance of personal trainers"- said Melikhov.

Vacant posts of senior coaches, coaches of functional and shooting training in men’s and women’s basic commands. In addition, applications were accepted for the position of the senior coach reserve coaches in the shooting and in the training teams. In addition to Melikhova in the composition of the Commission, Valery Zakharov, Maxim Kugaevsky, Yuri Kashkarov, Innokenty Karintsev, Nikolay Savinov.

Last season the men’s team was led by Ricco gross and Andrew Padeen, female – Sergey Konovalov.


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