The asphalt on the bridge Betancourt put until the end of AprilThe construction of the bridge Betancourt. Photo: Washing78 / Valentin Egorshin

On the bridge Betancourt finish laying on the top of asphalt concrete was reported in the press service of crte. Work will be finished in time.

The device works on the top of the asphalt pavement on the bridge Betancourt will be completed by the end of this month, assured CRTI. The repair is in the area from 10th to support Zhdanovskaya embankment. Just be laid out 3 719 tons of asphalt on the area of ​​34 thousand meters, including sections of the Ural street and Peter Avenue.

Previously, the top layer of asphalt is laid from the 1st to the 10th pylon, and also on the segment, the Ural street and part of the sidewalks.

At the moment, paint the structures, installation of external lighting and noise protection shields out at the finish line. Experts have painted pylon, now continue dismantling the scaffolding pole with the lower hand, with the Gulf of Finland. Forest pole with a horse hand took minuvshey week.

In may, the specialists will perform work on the painting of pillars and spans of the bridge, installation of traffic lights, poles and traffic signs. In addition, the planned road marking and landscaping.

It is expected that traffic on the bridge will be opened in May.


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