The Armenian authorities see a way out of the crisis in the dialogueAnd about. Minister of Justice of Armenia David Harutyunyan and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Arpine Hovhannisyan

There is no foreign interference in Armenia’s internal political processes, said on Saturday, April 28, at a press conference for foreign media in Yerevan. Minister of Justice of Armenia David Harutyunyan. According to him, what is happening in the country – "extremely domestic political situation", and the goal of various contacts and consultations with external actors, such as Russia, the European Union and the United States, is aimed at defusing the situation that has arisen.

At the same time, Harutyunyan stressed that there is no pressure from Moscow, except for proposals and calls for a peaceful political resolution of the crisis. The acting head of the Ministry of Justice expressed confidence that this crisis in the country should be resolved exclusively within the framework of legality.

RPA monopolized power

The absence of any pressure on the Armenian authorities of external forces was confirmed also by the vice-speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia Arpine Hovhannisyan, who also took part in the press conference.

David Harutyunyan admitted that the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) monopolized power, which was a mistake. Henceforth, we can not allow any one party to have a monopoly position on the political map of the country", – said the acting. Minister of Justice.

Protests continue

Meanwhile, the protest actions, led by Nikol Pashinyan, continue and moved to the major cities of Armenia. On Friday, April 27, opposition rallies were held in the second largest city of the republic of Gyumri, on Saturday – in the cities of Ijevan and Vanadzor. Tens of thousands of people take part in them. The leader of the protest movement is sure that the authorities are simply dragging out time, not realizing that the situation in the country has changed, "velvet revolution" won, and the Republican Party now can not claim power.

According to the situation on Saturday, April 28, only one candidature has been nominated for the post-prime minister – the parliamentary bloc "Exit" Nikolay Pashinyan named his candidate. A special session of the parliament is planned for May 1, where a new prime minister of Armenia will be elected.

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