The US Navy strike group, led by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, reached the coast of Syria.

This is reported on May 4 in Twitter the European Command of the US Navy. The air group from the “Harry Truman” is already striking blows at the positions of militants in Syria, the report says. Attacks are conducted within the framework of the operation “Unshakable determination”, which is directed against the “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization is banned in Russia – ed.).

#USSHarrySTruman Strike Group begins air operations supporting Operation Inherent Resolve – #NavyLethality @CJTFOIR @USNavyEurope 3l9QC3pz9l

– U.S. Navy (@USNavy) May 4, 2018

Recall, the aircraft carrier moved from a permanent deployment in Virginia to the Mediterranean on April 10. This happened against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s promises to inflict an air strike on Syria. However, the blow was struck on April 14 – without the participation of aviation from the Harry Truman.


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