After the injunction Telegram in Iran, the Russians have slightly relieved: thank God, we are not alone on the planet! There are still countries responsible for the protection of traditional values. Pleased and a related motivation: spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei, eliminating my official telegram-channel, said: it is for the protection of domestic industry and homeland security. Say a friendly “no” to monopoly Durov.

With a friendly “no” in Iran did not grow together. Technically retarded citizens of the old-fashioned hooked VPN; advanced version of the Telegram – Digital Resistance (“Digital resistance”) with a built-in proxy server, which is generally impossible to bypass through the existing Iran-fighting the Internet. Wits, apparently once studied in the universities of the USSR, wrote an anecdote about “alternative Telegram” – Iranian messenger “Soroush” that de reduced status to perfection. If the Telegram was only the two checkboxes (for delivery of receipts and receipt by receipt), “Soroush” ticks three: shipping, reading the receiver and reading the duty officer of the national security.

“Soroush”, of course, the infamous fake such as the “killer telegram” messenger “Dialogue Meters”, a breach of which took exactly 4 minutes, however the chances of the competition “Sorusa” no. Even despite the built-in Emoji Patriotic with stickers calling for the killing of America, Israel and all the franc-masons of the world.

Telegram from IranScreenshot messenger “Soroush”

“Soroush” no chance in competition with the Telegram in Iran, because Iran Telegram – not the messenger. It is no exaggeration to say that the Telegram in Iran is a synonym for the Internet itself. It is used by 50 million Iranians of the 80 living in the country, and the traffic passing through the Telegram, is 40% of all digital traffic of Iran.

Telegram from IranScreenshot messenger “Soroush”

As in Iran Wikipedia, the YouTube and IMDB is blocked since 2006, and Facebook, Twitter, satellite TV and SMS-correspondence – 2009, Telegram is a substitute for all forms of social communication, the main source of alternative information and the only universal channel for monitoring the actual state of society.

In this context the court’s decision on the obligatory telegram is all about the messenger in Russia, where the Telegram is nothing more than an ordinary messenger. It is not surprising that in Russia demarche States ended zapuskaem airplanes, and Iran, gave rise to the tsunami of civil disobedience: the number of old and new methods of the pass. Only one proxy-servers Vee Estonian Security in 15 minutes may 1, joined 700 thousand users from Iran – a circumstance that allowed Litreeva Alexander, Director of the company, proud to write in his Twitter Internet. And not only in Russia. “

The motive for writing my replica was the classic question post-hoc non est propter hoc (after this, but not because of this) and the fact that the Telegram was banned in Iran chronologically after Russia, and it creates a dangerous illusion of Parallels. Actually no Parallels – not in the technical capacity of the authorities, or her motivations, or – most importantly – in relation to the population of the two countries to similar demarches. On the deep and fundamental differences.

I’ll start with the fact of the prohibition: “Given the numerous complaints of Iranian citizens on the Telegram Iran, “reported state television.

As you can see, the divergence in the claims of the state, the fundamental of the KGB; the Iranian security services dissatisfied with the substantive aspects of “the social network”.

Substantive claims of the Iranian authorities to Telegram have a rich background and at the same time loaded with contradictions. In the beginning of the year I have already read the “Novaya Gazeta” about the role of the Telegram in the Iranian street protests at the end of 2017: multiple channels Telegram personally locked it. 20 Dec Tehran has demanded to disconnect from the broadcast channel of opposition journalist Ruhollah Deputy, Telegram refused, and the messenger forbade.

Hassan Rouhani, who since 2012 promises to society, easing of censorship (incidentally, the most stringent in the world).

Care Rouhani on Telegram is easily explained: winning the President communicating to their constituents the idea of ​​the bankruptcy.

The reaction of Hassan Rouhani’s injunction Telegram April 30, 2018 was also predictable: “We have that television, but that, unless we solve the problem? The Iranians should be able to understand. “We are a great and educated country.” We need to teach people how to use the tool.

If the President acts with such speeches after the ban of the Telegram, then then publishes these restrictions?

Iran – a country is tragically divided between the supporters of the Islamic state, which Iran officially builds since February 1979, and supporters, again, the Islamic state, however, in the alternative, softer ideological guise. An example of the latter can be considered a modern Malaysia.

It would be misleading to think that the Islamic state. Ayatollah Khamenei in the public consciousness confronts nostalgia for the days of the reign of Shah Pahlavi. The Iranians remember how in the westernized façade of the secular power constantly gleam the savage face of the SAVAK, the Ministry of State Security, and not only on the censorship of the press, books and films, national and religious minorities.

Telegram in Iran is in the midst of the struggle that is unfolding between the authorities and society, and between different branches of the government itself. The telegram is already previously banned, then allowed, now banned again. The pendulum swings from side to side, because Telegram, as noted above, is not an ordinary messenger, and a symbol of the entire Internet.

Radical Islamists are behind the ban on the global computer Network as an alternative source of information and knowledge. The position of the moderate Islamists clearly stated by President Rouhani: “If we want cyberspace to bring benefits to society, we must teach the younger generation to use the cyberspace.”

Recall that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other American services safely excluded from the life of the Iranian society for almost 10 years now. And no attempt to bring them back to life. The explanation is obvious: these are the conduits of thoughts and ideas of Western civilization. It is quite another Telegram, symbolizing the rights of individuals to access independent information.

I assume the reader has to be aware of the fact that a telegram in Russia and Iran. In the past essays I have repeatedly stressed that the Russian ban messenger does not have any idea, no principle, no goal setting. No strategy, no tactics.

The Russian authorities do not care for data channels in a telegram, nor to the keys of encryption, or to VPN or proxy servers, or to alternative domestic programs or to the development of the Runet in the future. Telegram of ritual subordination. Durov has not performed “ku”!

As it is clear today that the actor and then nothing to do not going and blocking millions of IP addresses – a dead-end path, we can assume that in the near future, all locks will play back, it will go down on the brakes, and safely forgotten.

59% of Russian citizens, and only 28% of the total number of people who have sex with men, see this as a restriction of freedom of speech or censorship. So why with such unanimity the extra effort.


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