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Many world leaders say that the current relationship between the West and Russia is a new cold war. However, all these conversations mean only that these people have a very short historical memory.

Indeed, the relationship is bad, but the analogy is the cold war.

A war of two ideologies

The cold war was a bipolar conflict, the United States and the Soviet Union, which were the two strongest countries in the world.

Talk about the cold war

Welcome to the second cold war

The power of these two super-powers were about equal, although the position of the United States was better because of the economic conditions they were two times stronger than the Soviet Union, and by their side stood countries such as Germany, UK and Japan.

The Soviet Union was supported only by the weak states, gathered in the Warsaw Pact, and Cuba, as well as a barely surviving state like Angola, Nicaragua, and South Yemen.

The US had the advantage at sea and in the air, more advanced technologies and better prepared armed forces. However, the Soviet Union had nuclear weapons and that was large and well-equipped army, which was on the borders of the West and even near the Persian Gulf.

That is, the United States is surpassed by the Soviet Union so in order to get him to compete.

The cold war of the two universal political ideologies: liberal democracy and communism, which excludes each other and the joint peaceful coexistence because of its versatility.

The cold war was fought on all continents, except Australia. During this confrontation happened several serious nuclear crises, were the arms race and the shadow of war, which has claimed millions of lives.

Today, relations between the West and Russia are completely different.

Russian card

First, there is no bipolarity. USA are still the most powerful state on the planet, but the world is gradually becoming multipolar.

During the cold war, the forces were about equal. Now the United States is about ten times stronger than Russia economically. The US has technologically advanced, diversified and innovative economy, and Russia is living by the export of raw materials, the cost of which is reduced by fossil fuels.

Americans young and educated, and the Russian population is aging and experiencing great difficulties. It will take a little time and effort, Russia will be less than India’s.

Russia can play a role in the armed conflicts in very small countries, such as Ukraine and Syria. But now Russia has not coped with such a large-scale operation, the war of the United States and its allies against Iraq.

Also there is no ideological confrontation. The impact of the limited democracy with authoritarian traits outside of Russia is almost zero.

The conflicts between the West and Russia are now unfolding near the Russian border and in the small part of the Middle East. In these conflicts, Russia is not the leading force – rather, it tries to balance the influence of the West.

Russia will always perceive the West as a threat. However, if during the cold war the territory is controlled by the Soviet Union.

And only one in Russia. She can pretend in her hand – all aces, but actually holds a losing card.


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