European champion wrestler Baitsaev said that he was able to win gold at the peak of the sports form

CASPIAN, May 5. / TASS /. Russian freestyle wrestler Vladislav Bajtsaev won the first gold of the European championship in his career due to the fact that he was able to approach the competition in Dagestan at the peak of the form, the athlete did not give his opponents a single point in the tournament. He told journalists about this.

In the decisive battle in the weight category up to 97 kg, the 27-year-old Russian athlete defeated Alexander Gushtyn from Belarus with a score of 7: 0.

"The coaches helped me to reach the peak of the form for this tournament, I spent a lot of time at the training camps, worked hard. And here for every fight was adjusted to the full, because all the rivals in Dagestan were good", – said Baytsayev.

Asked by journalists how Baytsaev could not give any points to his rivals, he replied with a smile: "I accidentally".

He won the first medal of the European Championship in 2011, becoming a silver medalist in Dortmund, in 2013 he was a bronze medalist in Tbilisi. "I did not give up, I stood my ground. And I’m glad that this day has finally come, I won gold", – said the Ossetian wrestler.

The European Championship in wrestling will end in Kaspiisk on May 6.

“The locomotive” Semin again Champions. It was unique

Vladislav Voronin on the team, which ceased to be a loser.

To understand how insanely shook up “the locomotive” back to the spring of 2017.

It was uncertain, shuffling, stumbling “locomotive”. The President publicly pushed with the coach and believed that Semin was not able to move the team towards a brighter future. Herkus created the beauty of the stadium and placed the loungers on the grass, and the team sullenly sat on the 8th place and slightly pleased, making it difficult for new aesthetics. Major young stars – the Miranchuk brothers – it seems that here-here will go to some kind of “Spartak”.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

The team was nervous and had my doubts that Semin is capable of it anywhere. The President has already gone through the names of the new coaches. And suddenly – a flash. The Cup of Russia, where, panting and suffering, managed to squeeze these favorite Seminskii 1: 0. The team ceased to doubt, and was supported by Semin and took the Cup.

But even that trophy was not enough, so that the club ceased to shake. The President continued to look for a coach and at the same time the Board of Directors. It’s terribly grateful to Yuri Pavlovich, but what will happen with the next coach – it’s too unclear, let’s be more ambitious and will choose someone better and fresher. Semin all is accepted politely and stiffly acknowledged that imperfect, but concluded: if everything is so bad and the President is nothing fixed, it’s only fair to go both.

The management of Russian Railways is tired of these fights, and Semin with the minimum overweight has won (4: 3 votes for that coach left). The team did not rebel, “Loco” carefully scratched the glasses and the whole war turned into a quiet, unobtrusive background, all seemed to be in the near future.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Another amazing story – the fate of Igor Denisov.

Perhaps the most indifferent, the most dramatic, the most ostroslovy football of Russia with Semin suddenly became the perfect soldier. At Zenit he organized the crushing of internal revolution, demanding higher wages after moving the Hulk and Vitale. Dynamo was ready to fight with the head coach Cherchesov. And in “the Locomotive” has achieved a transcendent level of self-control: not at all. All the negative emotions he either swallows, or extinguishes, or somehow hiding.

Tell that in the locker room when everyone was showered, Packed and went home. The judges have already completed the Protocol, and Denisov, without removing the dirty form.

This sacrifice, the willingness not to strain other and the actual plowing of the midfield made him a very proper captain of the championship season.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

The importance of such individual stories as transformation Denisova, recently told the head coach of Juventus Massimiliano Allegri. After impulsive the match with “inter” (3: 2) he lashed out at broadcasters: “You watch basketball?” The attack lasts 24 seconds. I think in football you win scheme? “Let’s pay schemes.” You can only care about schemes and tactics. Well done! “.

This phrase – including about “locomotive” -2017/18. You can talk about secrecy and strict defense. Semina, on the other hand, is not exactly the same. only tactics, but also metaphysics. Configuration players who have met in my life. Here are the main topics of the “Locomotive”:

Solomon Kverkvelia one of the most consistent defenders in the Premier League in recent years – came to Semin after six months of abandonment in Spanish “Ruby”. He broke away from the bench and so alive, that he could really leave EPL in the summer and winter. Happiness “Locomotive” that this did not happen.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Vladislav Ignatiev suddenly bloomed in place of the right defender and drives the team even in the disappointing games.

Igor Denisov understand that this is the last chance to achieve something significant. No world cup, no departure to Europe, or move to another.

Manuel Fernandes he said that thanks to Semin if escaped: Olga Smorodskaya exiled him twice, and then he finally started to enjoy the work and gave the best half a year in Russia.

Anton and Aleksey Miranchuk. We all remember what Anton Miranchuk has not played for Lokomotiv in the beginning of 2017? He returned to Estonia in the spring of. Alex admits that he is calmer and more confident.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Purchase Farfán all was for the first time, the Peruvian took the leadership, and the coach, openly said that Jefferson’s overweight and that he did not really know its capabilities. Six months later, it was the main weapon of “Locomotive”, which was rivals even after a trip around the world. Now Farfan rushes to the main month in his career (2018 Peru) and killed so that it is difficult to believe that he’s 33 years old.

Seminsky “locomotive”. It’s all closed in and out of the chambers. It’s not spectacular and not assertive attack – each positional attack “Loko” as if fighting the fear to take a risk and open up. It’s too careful, too measured, too strict command.

But in this polyresin season, when “Spartak” corrode internal conflicts (“Loco” stepped through them), when in St. Petersburg the whole year rejects the coach (in Cherkizovo with this too) and when CSKA is struggling with zero in your wallet, accuracy and stability has become a key quality of a little distanced “Loco” from rivals.

"The locomotive" Semin again Champions. It was unique

Yeah, someone jumps up in the first place, boldly and confidently, and someone – not engrave and scrape his name on the small, timid movements, in the end, stumbling on the “Ufa” or “Ahmad”. But fundamentally it changes nothing.

Lokomotiv is finally wiped away with the mask of the loser.


Photo: RIA Novosti / Alexander vilf, Alexei Filippov (2-5), Mr Song

Alexei Zhamnov: “will Continue to play Koshechkin.” Victorious structure do not change “

Alexei Zhamnov: "will Continue to play Koshechkin." Victorious structure do not change "The coach of the national team of Russia Alexei Zhamnov / Photo: © FHR

The coach of the national team of Russia Alexei Zhamnov commented on the situation with striker Nikita Gusev and remembered the opening match of the 2018 World Cup against France (7: 0).

– There are positive moments, and need to focus. Played until the first match of the tournament. In the next few years, with the French, we are slightly moved away from our game. It is clear that now there was only France, but then the opponents will be much more serious. The team must play for all 60 minutes. Gusev arrived, we will follow him. Will there be training on Sunday? Look, he is not yet ready to play. We will keep the situation under control. We are not in a hurry. Going to look now play Austria, to analyze. Specifically, until them I can not say anything, as the team have not seen. I think that in the next match will be Koshechkin in goal.

Alexei Zhamnov: "will Continue to play Koshechkin." Victorious structure do not change "Russia – France – 7: 0. Goals

The following rival of the Russian team at the World Championships in Copenhagen will be the team of Austria. The meeting will take place on 6 may.

The rivals of the Russian national team in the World Cup group Czechs defeated the Slovaks

The rivals of the Russian national team in the World Cup group Czechs defeated the SlovaksThe game moment of the match of the group stage of the World Cup Czech Republic – Slovakia

COPENHAGEN, May 5 – RIA Novosti. The Czech hockey team defeated the Slovak team in overtime in their opening match at the group stage of the World Cup in Denmark.

The meeting of group A, where the Russian national team performs, was held on Saturday and ended with the score 3: 2 (0: 1, 1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 0) in favor of the Czechs, whose goals were scored by Dominik Kubalik (22nd minute), Martin Nechas (60) and Dmitry Yashkin (63). The Slovaks distinguished Michal Krishtof (8) and Andrei Sekera (26).

The Slovaks on May 6 will play with the Swiss, and the Czechs on the same day – with the Swedes.

All tickets for the third test match in the arena the 2018 world Cup in Kaliningrad sold

All tickets for the third test match in the arena the 2018 world Cup in Kaliningrad sold

TASS, 5 may. Implemented the whole ticketing quota for the third test match at "Kaliningrad-Arena" that summer will host matches of the world Cup. About it reports a press-service of FC "Baltika".

The meeting will be held on 12th in the framework of the 38th round of the national football championship (FNL) between the local "The Baltic sea" and "Tyumen".

In the first test match at the stadium in Kaliningrad, which was held on 11 April between "The Baltic sea" and Samara "Wings Of The Soviets" was attended by 15 thousand people. The game ended with a victory of owners with the score 1: 0. In the second test the game "Baltika" tied with the suburban "Khimki" (0: 0).

At the time of the world Cup, the stadium capacity will amount to 35 thousand spectators. It is assumed that after the tournament the stadium in Kaliningrad will become the home arena "Baltic". Its capacity will be reduced to 25 thousand people.

World Cup matches will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in 11 cities of Russia. In Kaliningrad will play the teams of Croatia and Nigeria (June 16), Serbia and Switzerland (June 22), Spain and Morocco (June 25), England and Belgium (28 June).

Russian championship. 29th round

The final whistle! “Spartacus” scored 56 points and guaranteed a place in the Champions League for the next season! Below the third place the team will not sink.

Promes scores the 15th goal in the championship and goes to the sole leaders of the bombardier race! Promes and Hanni played in the wall on the left edge of the penalty area, the Algerian midfielder gave the scoring pass between the defender’s legs and the Dutchman struck Abaev from the goalkeeper’s line!

Wow! Promes got from the penalty bar to the crossbar. The ball hit the back of Abaev and jumped into the field.

Russian championship. 29th round

Football 11:40

Hockey 11:17

Martial Arts 10:41

Netflix released a documentary about Benzema

Forward “real” Karim Benzema was the hero of the new documentary Netflix.

The premiere took place on Friday, may 4. The film is dedicated to the life and career of the ex-player of the national team of France and tells the story of the conflict with Benzema, midfielder Mathieu Valbuena and his involvement in the blackmail.

Cristiano Ronaldo, ex-coach of real Madrid Zlonne Zidane and club President Florentino Perez.

This is the second documentary Netflix about football. In February was introduced a film about Juventus.

Media: English “Fulham” and “Wolverhampton” are interested in buying football player Smolov

TASS, May 6. English football clubs "Fulham" and "Wolverhampton" interested in transferring Russian striker "Krasnodar" Fedor Smolov. This is reported by the British edition of the Daily Mail.

As the newspaper reports, "Krasnodar" ready to sell the 28-year-old Smolov for £ 12 million In December, the club rejected the offer "West Ham" The purchase of a football player in the amount of £ 11 million.

Scouts "Fulham" and "Wolverhampton" looked at Smolova in a number of recent matches of the Russian championship. It is noted that the representatives of the clubs watched the game between "Krasnodar" and Moscow "Locomotive" (2: 0), in which Smolov issued a double.

"Fulham" and "Wolverhampton" The current season was held in the second most powerful division of English football – champion. "Wolverhampton" He took first place and already secured his participation in the English Premier League next season. "Fulham" takes third place and has a good chance also to win the right to participate in the strongest division of English football.

Smolov moved to "Krasnodar" in 2015. As part of the team, he became the best scorer of the Russian championship for two seasons in a row. This season, the striker played 21 games for "Krasnodar" and scored 14 goals. In the asset striker 30 matches for the Russian national team and 12 goals.

In the final of the playoffs of the Australian Championship, VAR disconnected for 30 seconds, because of this the goal was taken from offside

The Football Federation of Australia (FFA) recognized the error VAR, because of which the goal was scored offside in the finals of the playoffs of the Australian Championship.

After the game, FFA representatives looked at the match review and issued a statement.

“Based on the statements of the technology partner Hawkeye, the software that compiles and uploads the broadcast to the VAR system failed for 30 seconds before the Melbourne Victory goal. Only a few minutes after the goal the system recovered, but it was too late to change the decision.

We are very disappointed with the error of VAR technology, and we understand the disappointment of the fans of Newcastle Jets and in general all football fans.

VAR was presented here and in other parts of the world as a technological solution that will avoid judging errors that inevitably arise from time to time.

In this case, the technology itself failed and the required views of the broadcast were not available. We work with Hawkeye to fully understand why this happened and how to avoid this in the future.

This is important not only for the Australian Championship, but also for other leagues and the World Cup, where this technology will be used for the first time, “the official statement reads.

In the final of the playoffs of the Australian Championship, Melbourne Victory beat Newcastle Jets with a score of 1: 0 and won the championship title.


Selikhov: “If it were not for the absurd matches,” Spartacus “would compete with” Loco “

Goalkeeper of Spartak Alexander Selikhov gave comments after winning the home match of the 29th round Premier League with “Rostov” (2: 0).

Selikhov: "If it were not for the absurd matches," Spartacus "would compete with" Loco "

“The game turned out to be difficult. There are no passing and simple matches. Well done, on the character have achieved their goal.

My mistakes in the last matches? I’m not that nervous – there are just the right solutions, and there are wrong ones. Today in the first half I made the wrong decisions. It’s hard after Tosno and Akhmat. In Perm, I did everything right, but it turned out unsuccessfully. It is necessary to perekaryvat it. Mistakes also happen, without them anywhere.

The scheme with three defenders, where one of them – Pashalic? I do not care who I play with. Even Massimo Carrera will come out.

When going out on the field, I did not know the result of the match “Loco”. At the break he found out. You can congratulate the “Locomotive”. Is it worth it? If they scored more points than the other team, then, probably, deservedly. In the first round I made them a “gift”. If it were not for our absurd matches, we would have compiled the competition until the last round. We lost the championship in the match with Ural on the road, and with Tosno, and with Lokomotiv. Winners are not judged.

Defeat with a score of 3: 4 from “Loco” – the most important? All matches are important. You can lose and become champions. On the game, “Spartacus” in some matches during the season was stronger. “