Syria was hit hard, but the Russian Federation did not use the S-400 to intercept missilesThe media reported an “enemy” missile attack on the military bases of the Syrian army. The network has already got a video of air strikes.

Military bases in northern Syria were subjected to a missile strike. The main targets of the new attack were bases near Khama and Aleppo.

As reported by "Interfax" with reference to the SANA news agency, the Syrian authorities did not make statements about who is behind these blows, nor did they explain whether any damage was caused or if there were any dead.

Sounds of bursting shells were heard in these locations around 22:30 local time.

Syria was hit hard, but the Russian Federation did not use the S-400 to intercept missiles2 very funny videos about sexy …

The explosions were “consistent”. According to a number of interlocutors of the TV channel, they were aimed at positions of Iranian troops stationed on these bases. At the same time, other sources of Al-Arabiya claim that the explosions at the bases occurred as a result of a “fire on the ammunition stock belonging to the Assad regime”.

Attack, in particular, was the storage of weapons of the 47th brigade of the Syrian army in the vicinity of Hama. It is located between the airport of En-Nairab and El-Maliki. The fact that this particular facility was one of the targets of missile strikes, RIA Novosti confirmed the source in the law enforcement agencies of Syria. As a result of the attack, he said, “there were powerful explosions and a strong fire.” The other details of the incident have not yet been reported by the interlocutors.

According to the AFP, 26 military personnel, including those from Iran, were killed. NEWSru Israel reports that one of the targets was located not far from the Russian base of Khmeimim, and the Russian Federation did not use the S-400 complexes for interception.

The European-Mediterranean seismological center in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexplosions recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.6 with an epicenter 16 km south-east of the city of Ham.

Arabic edition of Sky TV channel News reported that as a result of attacks on weapons stockpiles, at least 40 people were killed, more than 60 were injured. Already published video aviadar on Hama.


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