St. Petersburg court bailiffs helped to get a job as a nutritional supporterAfter re-bringing to criminal responsibility, the alimony farmer finally decided to get a job. Photo:

The first entry in the work book of a 40-year-old Petersburger who did not pay alimony for a long time appeared after the debtor was brought to criminal responsibility by the bailiff service.

Petersburger, who owed alimony to his son of 15 years in the amount of almost 400 thousand rubles, a long time did not get a job. He did not have property and permanent income, so he thought he could avoid responsibility.

However, the bailiffs of the Central District of the UFSSS of Russia in St. Petersburg initiated enforcement proceedings against the man and applied a set of coercive measures. After this, the citizen was brought to criminal responsibility with a punishment of 2 months of correctional labor. However, after this payments were not followed.

Then the bailiffs again opened a criminal case for non-payment of funds for the maintenance of children, and materials of the case sent to the court for review. When the alimony officer found out about re-bringing to criminal responsibility, he decided to correct himself. The debtor got a job as a project manager, this work was the first recorded for him work in the work book.


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