Spartak fan Andrei Izmailov said that in one of the Moscow institutions he had a conflict with the midfielder of “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov.

Izmailov photographed Tarasov in the company of the Miranchuk brothers smoking a hookah and laid out the picture in the Instagram story.

– I look – they lit a hookah. Alcoholic or not – I do not know. And when Tarasov started using shots as well … Of course, I’m not a fan of Lokomotiv, but a fan of Spartak. But it became a shame to me that such a thing is possible. They were the day before (April 30) were to become champions. I took a photo that could be seen in my Instagram.

Somewhere in 40-60 minutes Tarasov ran up to me. He asked: “Did you do this?” I immediately understood what I was talking about, answered: “Yes.” Then came a powerful blow to the forehead of the backhand. He did not strike with his fist – palm, but very strongly. I even got my glasses off.

I wake up. And then another man, five or six times Caucasian, flew instantly. Do not think only that I’m a nationalist. I just describe those who were with Tarasov. One of them had a trunk – I do not know whether it is a “trauma” or not. And this man also hit me in the face. This is to put it mildly.

“Did he strike once?”

– Yes.

– Tarasov, too, once?

– Yes. Between, say, two blows, Tarasov took my phone from me. And on emotions he said: “I’ll shove it into you now ***” I started to yell, they say, God forbid, it will burn, “Do not you know what I am,” and so on.

They wanted to delete the photo from my Instagram. And in the end, they did not delete it. Removed only from the phone. I believe that it is absolutely unacceptable when people who defend the honor of the country allow themselves this in relation to others.

When I was on emotions, I did not notice any abrasions. I saw only the next day. Given this, I am ready to go to the police. I intend to write a statement this Friday (May 4 – note).

– Are there any witnesses to what happened?

– Yes, at least two visitors. Plus, at the next table sat Soslan Dzhanayev with a friend – they were not in the company of Tarasov. And the staff, of course.

Tarasov himself categorically denied his involvement in the incident.

“This is nonsense. Maybe this person mixed up something? I was not there. This was not. Someone wants some kind of provocation, probably, to arrange, “- said the football player.

"Sport-Express": Tarasov struck a fan of "Spartacus", who posted a photo where the player smokes a hookah with Miranchuk

"Sport-Express": Tarasov struck a fan of "Spartacus", who posted a photo where the player smokes a hookah with MiranchukPhoto: “Sport-Express”


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