Somali kidnapped in Somalia


In the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu kidnapped an employee of the International Red Cross from Germany. The incident occurred in the building of a humanitarian organization in Mogadishu. Armed kidnappers fled with the hostage through the black exit to avoid meeting with the guards near the main entrance, Daniel O’Malley, deputy head of the Red Cross mission in Somalia, said on Thursday, May 3.

"We are extremely worried about the safety of our colleague", – he said, noting that the kidnapped German nurse saved people’s lives and improved the lives of people in Somalia. According to O’Malley, efforts are being made at various levels to free the captive. He did not disclose any other information about the hostage and her captors.

Abduction of foreigners is not uncommon in Somalia, security security is deplorable, and effective state structures are not available. Here is very active Sunni terrorist grouping "Al-Shabab", which for many years has been trying to introduce the laws of Sharia in Somalia.

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