Sobyanin is not afraid of the activists of Navalny, but PoltavchenkoNavalny with his supporters during a march along Tverskaya Street. Photo: Wikipedia

Sobyanin is not afraid of the activists of Navalny, but Poltavchenko

The Moscow authorities did not hesitate to allow the opposition rally on May 5 in the heart of Russia, and the governor of the northern capital did not take risks and open a Pandora’s box.

Head of the Department of Regional Security Vladimir Chernikov said that supporters of the opposition politician Alexei Navalny can make a march and express their political preferences.

The activists wanted to march on Zagorodnaya Street in St. Petersburg, but in this pleasure they were denied by the city authorities. Apparently, Poltavchenko is afraid of such events and does not want to let the situation out of control.

In Moscow, the rally will take place on the outside of Sakharov Avenue, including a march along Masha Poryvaeva Street.

To coordinate the meeting of Navalny, negotiations were held with the Ministry of Defense. By the way, very soon the city and the whole country will celebrate the Victory Day, so this decision was a compromise, arranged for all.

Indeed, during the period from May 1 to 9, the main thoroughfares of the capital are prepared for the Victory Parade.

Previously, activists wanted to go from the Tverskaya Zastava to Okhotny Ryad, however, they were refused.


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