MOSCOW, April 24. / TASS /. France will demonstrate its instability in terms of international partnerships, if you go to the United States and advocate a revision of the nuclear deal with Iran. The Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky.

"The statement of the President of France Emmanuel Makron revise AGREEMENT (Agreement on a comprehensive plan of action, concluded between Iran and "six" international mediators – Russia, the USA, China, France, Britain and Germany) Federica Mogherini. The European Union, which has repeatedly voiced by the head of the European diplomacy. To put it mildly, such a reversal on the Iranian nuclear deal is dangerous. If France did join the line that led the US administration, it shows her instability as an international partner and the guarantor of the execution of the agreement, as well as the possibility of imposing"- said Slutsky.

He recalled that Russia strongly opposes "opening a nuclear deal with Iran". "It will be in the direction of stability and non-proliferation rĂ©gime. And, as we are repeatedly warned, this will be for the sake of the West’s obligations. The consequences can be disastrous"- concluded Slutsky.

The President of France Emmanuel macron at a joint press conference with his counterpart Donald trump said about the willingness of Paris to work with the US on a new agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program. According to him, "The U.S. believes the current agreement is bad, and France is inadequate". The new contract, as said the French leader "should resolve the whole situation". So, according to Macron, "you must decide four questions: to block nuclear problem through 2025, to provide a solution in the longer term, to stop a ballistic program of Iran".

In July 2015, Iran, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, Britain, China, USA, France) and Germany reached an agreement to resolve the nuclear issue of Tehran. They have developed AGREEMENT provides for the lifting of UN sanctions, the US and the EU. In turn, the trump is called the deal with the Islamic Republic "harmful" claiming that it had not prevented Iran from developing nuclear weapons, but only delayed the day when Tehran will receive it at your disposal.

12 January of this year, trump said that the United States will cease participation in the agreement, if it is not amended.


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