Two brand events for Petersburg – musician Sergey Shnurov and football club “Zenith” – came together in one track. The leader of the group “Leningrad” dedicated a blue-white-blue song and laid out an excerpt from it on the Web.

The whole composition will sound on April 29 at the match “Zenit-CSKA”, but Shnurov himself at the premiere will not be able to attend. According to the musician, he will be in Florence at this time. “But my heart, you can not even doubt, remained in St. Petersburg. Hooray! “- concluded the musician. Speech in the passage is about “Peter, rain and wind”, as well as “blue-white-blue sky”.

Recall, April 13, “Leningrad” released a mini-album “Everyone” in honor of the birthday of the Cord. And on March 8, the group posted an original action-clip to the international women’s day.


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