Of course, everything could be different, appoint Chakyr a penalty. Any.

For example, on the 52nd minute. When Ramos really hit Lewandowski’s leg.

Well, it means that the score 2: 2 would have been given to Bavaria a little less effort. And no matter how the game went then, no one knows.

But in this game, Real Madrid scored 2 guy, over which they chuckled about six months. And take it and hammer it.

But for Bavaria for some reason the game did not score the leading players. And in both matches, by the way.

They added Jupp Heinkesu gray hair, although it was not easy.

In this game Real Madrid goalkeeper played one of the most brilliant goalkeeper matches for a dozen years.

And the goalkeeper of Bavaria on the billiard table drowned in a pool of shit (this is from “Blunders”, Pts like this comparison).

Is it possible to fight with the goalkeeper Ulrayh for the victory in the League? Can. As with a virgin; It is known that “the virgin wears to a certain limit” (Brodsky already).

That’s until the semifinals and amused. The season is normal. In the vast majority of matches, with Hoffen, then with Haim, then with both, then vice versa. And then you go out to the greatest club in history with mediocrity in a key position. Well, let’s mourn that you’re out of luck.

It’s just not bad luck. With the judge – it is the most, but not here.

Because after the 52nd minute you could score 5 times. But a) there was no one else, and b) brilliantly played Navas. And who in Bavaria played brilliantly? No one.

When imposing on positions in Bavaria there is only one player who is stronger than Madrid. Right-back Kimmieh.

In the battle (I use this word not in a pathetic meaning, but as a definition of the genre), the heroes win.

Real Madrid was a hero. As in any other match of this draw. That’s why he won today Bayern, yesterday Juventus and the day before yesterday PSG.

And not Besiktas with Seville.

Today the hero was Navas. And this brings us to the main question of the day: why are you even sure that the Germans would have beaten him from the point of view? On this day?..

Generally speaking, there were chances and more likely. Within 180 minutes, including the last 20, including when the score was 2: 2 in Madrid.

So this is the Champions League. Since Bayern took it in 2013m, and she is younger and better then, it seems, was – Madrid took it three times, and then went after the fourth.

It stands in the form of a cup with large ears on a special stand in the city of Kiev, under the protection of Policemen. You will see at the end of May.

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