“Lokomotiv” beat “Zenith” (1: 0) about one round before the end of the season secured a victory in the championship of Russia.

“Yuri Palych is one of the main success factors for Loco. During the work of Semin in the club he did not have a single disastrous season, he always gave the result. Returning to the team two years ago, the coach picked up good assistants – these guys played themselves in the “Locomotive”, becoming members of the champions. They are not indifferent to the club, they know Russian football thoroughly. We see a team of like-minded people, where everyone harmoniously complements each other.

A successful combination of experience and youth – just about “Loco”. Fernandes, Čorluka, Guilherme, Farfán – footballers already for 30, but they look great. However, if the team is not fueled by their pupils, the result will not come. In this respect, the progress of Miranchukov and Lysov is very important. They are the future of the club. So it was in our time, when there were Marat Izmailov, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Ruslan Pimenov. Semin always knew how to find young children, trusted them, and those after a couple of years became players of the national team. It’s good that the flair of Yuri Palych does not betray him to this day.

At first, no one believed in Lokomotiv. The favorites were Zenit, Spartak, CSKA. Even the “Krasnodar” put more. It was believed that these teams outperformed the “Loco” in the selection of players. If he was in the top three, the result would still be considered remarkable. In addition, they wrote that Yuri Palych is old and is no longer able to give anything to the team. But he proved the opposite. Semin has a character that is passed on to the team. Shapkozakidatelskie mood there is impossible. Because “Locomotive” and managed to fight with direct competitors: the guys are maximally tuned, showed their best game.

All the competitors played below their capabilities. “Spartacus” very weakly began and raskochegarilsya only by the middle of the season. “Zenith”, on the contrary, started great, but then the team began to fever, Petrograders lost a lot in home meetings with opponents of the middle class. CSKA in connection with the change of generations and a lack of freshness (the army team played on two fronts) also missed points. “Locomotive” also passed the championship without recessions and deservedly took the gold. By the way, we in 2004 became champions in the last round, now “Loco” won the title ahead of schedule. If so, the current team is stronger than ours. Although everyone is good at the time. Guys fellows, I’m proud of this “Locomotive”.

The most important factor! In my time, when “Locomotive” was led by Valery Filatov, it was the most stable Russian club. We understood that no one would dismiss the coach and you can work peacefully. There was no hype: they say, now we will lose, and new people will come. It was bearing fruit, with the team being considered, she had her own drawing of the game. Everyone remembers the times when they began to rewrite history. It looked ugly. But those years are behind us, we must live the present. Now the club has correctly reacted to the throw in that Semin leaves the team: with the coach extended the agreement. I believe he will bring “Loko” many more trophies “- quotes Gurenko official website of UEFA.


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