Employees of the Saratov HPP rescued the Red Book beaver, who ran to the road through a dam and ran along the roadway, at the risk of getting under the car.

As reported in the press service of the Saratov HPP, the beaver could be on the road during the maneuvering of the gates. Probably, he jumped into the panel compartment and made his way across the fence to the road.

A frightened beaver for several hours rushed along the road until the energy came to the rescue. With the help of a canvas cloth, they caught an animal, drove to the left bank of the Volga to the lower reaches of the hydroelectric station and released into the water.

Beaver ordinary is listed in the Red Book. In addition, it is considered an unofficial symbol of hydropower.

In January, in the Balakhninsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region, employees of the waste sorting complex rescued a red-eared turtle, caught on a waste sorting line. The animal was dragged from the garbage, warmed and fed. Immediately there was an employee who decided to take the turtle to his home.

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