Russia exists and lives thanks, and at the expense of the United States. Why are Russians so ungrateful?

If it were not for the US, the USSR would not have defeated Hitler. And if not for the United States, then modern Russia would have long since gone bankrupt and ceased to exist.

This is a “concrete opinion” (this is how the author defined the genre of his creation), which Dmitry Dubo threw into the Internet. And a huge number of readers with this “concrete opinion” agreed. Some readers are enthusiastic, a significant part – “under the pressure of historical facts.” Where should the peasant go? It was the same! And Zhukov was talking about Lend-Liz there … In general, somehow it did not turn out very well … I forgot everything. There is also propaganda from all TVs.

“The concrete opinion” in full, I will not quote – a lot of text, figures and photos from theaters of operations. And here are some, especially bright quotes (just great quotes), skipping would be just … not good.

With the US it is necessary to be friends! First of all – from a sense of rationalism and self-preservation. But in a greater degree – out of gratitude. Since we consider ourselves a great nation. A nation of mercy and justice. I affirm that no one has done more for the Rus / Russian Empire / USSR / Russia than for the United States. Rather so – no one ever did anything for us! Everyone just asked or demanded! And only the US, we can be grateful for the help in our relations with her.

Yes, the author for good reason remembered that Russia was helping the US in its struggle for independence. But it was some kind of not very significant help:

  • refused to grant Britain 30 thousand Russian corps for suppressing the insurrection in the United States;
  • sent two Russian squadrons to the shores of America, which prevented intervention by European states.

However, this assistance was insignificant and it was so long ago …

And the United States helped Russia practically the entire 20th century.

And such help, if it is fair, it is difficult to forget.

Undoubtedly, Russia made the main contribution to the victory over Germany, but if not for the US, this victory could not have been.

Soviet textbooks have deceived us for many years, arguing that the Allies opened the Second Front on June 6, 1944, solely in order not to surrender the whole of Europe to the hands of the USSR. And, ostensibly, by June 1944 the fate of Nazi Germany was solved. It is not true!

There are four facts about the Second World War that will change your view of the role of the United States in World War II:

1.Japan, December 7, 1914, attacked Pearl Harbor and the United States lost 90% of its air force and navy in the Pacific. With this attack, the war between the United States and Japan began. Thanks to the United States, the huge 4 millionth Japanese army and the Japanese fleet were completely focused on the war with the United States. And if this did not happen, the Kwantung Army would attack the USSR back in July 1941, as the Japanese government decided to attack the USSR in July 1941.

And if the Japanese launched an offensive, the Soviet Union would have lost the war in 1941.

2. In March 1941, the US Congress passed a law on military assistance to the countries fighting against Germany, which we know as Lend-Lease. And since December 1941, after the signing of the declaration by Roosevelt, Lend-Liz spread to the USSR.

Lend-Lease became the “most important factor” in the victory of the USSR over Hitler. Further, many figures for supplies, a comparison of GDP and production capacity. And the conclusion: it was a decisive and unprecedented aid, since the USSR after the war returned the United States less than 10% of the workable American technology.

3. After the war, the Wehrmacht officers accused Hitler of defeat in the war and one of the main reasons for the defeat was the incorrect distribution of forces. The main thing is that in Norway Hitler kept a half-million group of armed forces. And why in Norway was 500,000 German soldiers? Norway was a convenient point for attacking American convoys, which “pulled cargo” in the USSR. And if it were not for American cargo, then these 500,000 soldiers would have been in 1941 near Moscow.

4.Amerkians fought well. If it had not been for the Americans, who would have freed the Germans from North Africa and southern Europe? And who disembarked in 1943 in Sicily? And how to forget the largest operation of the Second World War for the landing of the Allies in Normandy?

Thank you, the United States, that at that moment we were together. And that your actions helped save millions of Soviet people. Together we defeated Hitler, and without the participation of each of us it was probably impossible.

And what a huge amount of US assistance the USSR has had in the postwar period!

The relationship was somewhat cool, but the Americans continued to help the Soviet Union.

There was a war in Vietnam, and the United States, from humane considerations, allocated billions of loans for the construction of the KAMAZ plant. The USSR itself would not have built such a plant. And when you applaud the winners from the KAMAZ team at the Paris-Dakar races, you should remember the United States and be grateful to America.

But “KAMAZ” is a trifle. It was the US, as the head of the Western world, that allowed the USSR to build a pipeline to supply Europe with gas.

It turns out that now we live in many respects due to the fact that in the 70s America allowed us.

And Russians are so ungrateful! Cartoons draw and daily denounce their benefactors in deception and aggression!

I just want to be friends! Did she (the USA) in the 40s and 70s not deserve such an attitude to her from our side ?!


Convincingly written? And about the help of Russia, for reliability, the author remembered. For a long time it was true and some kind of help was insignificant. Little things are trivial. It’s really trivial that because of this insignificant help, Russia was on the brink of war with Britain and some European states. It was so long ago. And how much did the US pay to Russia for help? And why have not you paid anything to date?

However, the Americans apparently do not consider aid assistance, if free.

And does the author know of the thank you post that in the USA World War II is still called the “Good War”? Yes exactly. Why in the USSR the Great Patriotic War, even the last moral monster can not call good?

Maybe because for the overwhelming majority of American society (especially its elite) the war has become a chic business? Yes, there were losses on the fronts. There is now no desire to talk about “a lot” and “not enough,” but in the first half of 1945, more Americans were injured in the United States in production than injured on all fronts. This is an open statistics.

In the period from 1941 to 1945, peak spending was recorded in nightclubs, restaurants, gambling establishments, theaters, the purchase of furs and jewelry, and perfumes. And this is an open statistics. The total income of Americans in 1944 was $ 150 billion. War…

From 1940 to 1946, the profits of American enterprises increased at times. For example, in the textile industry over the years, profits have grown by 600%. The numbers are not secret and they can be easily checked.

And why not ask the obvious question: Hitler came to power in 1933. Came because Germany was literally in ruins – there were factories, general unemployment and a real mass starvation. How for 6 years the Führer succeeded in creating an advanced industry in the country and one of the best armies in the world? Who invested in Nazism money and who shared with the Nazis advanced, for that time, technology?

Since 1926, American and British companies have financed Hitler and, in fact, brought him to power.

In the fall of 1930, D. Gordon, attaché of the US Embassy in Berlin, reported to Secretary of State Stampa in a diplomatic dispatch:

… Hitler received considerable financial support from certain circles of industrialists. Just today, I heard a rumor from a well-informed source that the various American financial circles represented here are very active in the same direction.

In 1933, Hitler received loans from the US banks in the amount of 1 billion dollars (in 1933 it was just fantastic money). And British banks at the same time invested in Nazi Germany another 2 billion (in dollar terms). These figures were announced at the Nuremberg Trial by Yalmar Shacht. For this reason, he was almost hanged.

With the advent of Hitler in Germany, more than 60 branches of American companies began operating. G. Ford received from Hitler an iron cross for services to the Reich and Fordov factories did not stop work until 1945. At the same time, Ford’s American plants supplied equipment for Lend-Lease.

“General Electric” owned 30% of the assets of the Nazi “General Electricity Company”. American ITT owned almost 40% of the German market for the telephone and telegraph industry. 90% of Germany’s oil industry was controlled by Standard Oil. The same company owned 30% of all oil depots in Germany.

The German company for the production of rubber and rubber products “Phoenix” worked 100% on American capital.

Throughout the war, American companies, Standard Oil of America, Standard Oil of California, the Davis Oil Company and some other smaller ones, closed the needs of Hitler’s Germany in oil and fuel by more than 30%.

Opel Auto Plant was 100% owned by the American company General Motors.

During the Second World War, the “Chase Bank”, with the approval of the country’s leadership, “invested” many millions of dollars in Germany. The financing agreements were concluded in the Nazi-occupied Paris.

Rockefeller’s “Standard Oil” completely controlled “I.G. Ferbeninindustrie. ” Do you remember how this concern became famous?

And on what did the first millions of the Bush family work? On Nazi concentration camps.

You can add to this list of “assistants” a couple of hundred large American companies. Most of them earned, in parallel, and on Lend-Lease.

And after entering the war, almost all American companies and banks continued to work in Germany, Italy and Japan. In accordance with the decree of the President of the United States of December 11, 1941, American companies were allowed to work with enemy companies, unless there was a special ban on work from the US Treasury. Those. , if no personal sanctions were imposed on any enemy company.

A well-known fact: in the US there was a shortage of ball bearings and synthetic rubber, which was not enough even for their army. At that time, American companies, through Latin American intermediaries, supplied the Nazi bearings and rubber. And this was done in consultation with the deputy chief of US military production. And this high-ranking lord from the United States was a business partner of a close relative of Goering. And this was not a military secret. Nothing personal just business.

During the Nuremberg Trials, Yalmar Schacht (former president of the German Imperial Bank) said:

If you want to indict industrialists who helped rearm Germany, then you must indict yourself. You will have to indict the Americans.

This, very briefly, about the priceless US assistance. If they did not invest billions in Hitler, then there would be no war. If they did not supply the Nazis with oil, rubber, bearings, etc. – The war would have ended earlier and millions of our people would have been alive. If their factories did not produce tanks, airplanes, ships, cannons and shells, bombs in Germany … If they did not enter the war at the end of 1944, but in 1941 … How many of our people …? Twenty-seven million. And in their doom, not only is Hitler to blame.

This is the true price of their “help.” And stop calling Lend-Lease help. The USSR, and then Russia, before 2006 were calculated for this help. If you do not remember those who died in that war … And if you remember who raised this Nazi bastard, and who earned 600% of the profits of Soviet people.

As for Japan, the author either does not know the history, or deliberately distorts it. The Japanese strategic turn from east to southwest happened back in 1939, immediately after the signing of a “criminal” non-aggression treaty between the USSR and Germany (widely known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact). This is especially for screamers, about Stalin’s crimes.

August 28, the Japanese government, led by Kiichiro Hiranuma, who was a fierce supporter of the Japanese-German war against the USSR, resigned. The Japanese thought that Hitler betrayed them and signed a treaty of non-aggression with the USSR was regarded as “a slap that is hard to endure.” The government of Khiranuma was accused of having “put on the wrong horse”. On September 4, Japan officially declared that it does not intend to interfere in the military conflict in Europe and the government of the country was headed by Abe, who initially called for fighting in the south and south-west.

By June 1941, Japan was literally bogged down in the war in Asia. The Japanese would have invaded the territory of the USSR if the Germans had taken Stalingrad (there was such a contract). Or maybe they did not invade, because in Japan they soberly assessed the capabilities of the Kwantung Army and the Soviet troops deployed in Siberia and the Far East. And the Japanese-American war had no effect on the number of Red Army connections in the areas bordering China. The British and the Americans stopped the advance of the Japanese to Asia. It’s right. And a lot was done to ensure that the Japanese from Asia turned to Siberia.

The assertion that the US has saved the USSR from the Japanese invasion is either stupidity or an outright provocation.

As for the German forces in Europe, the wars in North Africa and Southern Europe, these facts are significant, but not at all determining. You can compare the forces and assets of the allies that were used in these theaters of military operations. And most importantly, compare the losses. Just do not need to reproduce all this nonsense about the crazy Soviet military leaders, who “laid the corpses”. Do not like the Soviet data – see the loss of the German army. And you immediately understand what kind of war there was. And for what the Allies fought. For colonies in Africa, for colonies in Europe. And it’s not against fascism. Where did all these fascists go after the war? Where did the Nazi criminals not issue?

As for the “Greatest Operation of the Second World War” for the landing of the Allies in Normandy, then – less Hollywood and more statistics. What forces and means was the landing? What forces defended the Germans? I will not bore you with numbers, but such great operations on the eastern front were every day. This is an operation on the scale of the army corps. All the subsequent thousands of equipment and a million soldiers – it was already later. When the occupation of Europe began.

Do not want to belittle the real feats of American soldiers – they died, and they are not to blame, that they really fought against the Nazis, but on the side of businessmen. Their feat must be remembered and honored. But, to say that if it were not for the US, the USSR would not have won in that war … This, at least, is rudeness. If you know about who were in the war the United States.

And who became open before the surrender of Germany was signed-today much has been written about plans for an attack on the USSR in 1945, separate negotiations with the Nazis, plans for nuclear bombing of Soviet cities, etc. In general, strange allies. Rather allied businessmen for a while, who correctly guessed the winner in Europe. And they earned both on the winner and on the defeated. And in parallel, the whole world was also taken away.

As for assistance in the construction of the KAMAZ plant and “allowed to build a pipeline,” the words of the censorship simply do not suffice. The US hardly started the war because of this pipeline. Now remember all those filth that the Americans have done against construction, it will be a separate book. Simply in those days, other people led Europe. If then there were Merkeli-Macrones on the farm, then there would not be this pipe. And the merit of the United States in this matter is zero. The only thing you can thank for saying – did not start the Third World War because of the pipe. And for this you just need to thank?

And can be thanked for the 90 years? Great was that “help”. Not decisive, but immensely large. Pobrabili from the heart and now it is still unknown when the country will breathe exactly begin in these “brotherly embraces”.

Or “stay frozen in deep pardon” for NATO at the Russian borders?

The US is an enemy. In the 19th century – already an enemy. The whole of the 20th century is an enemy, with a small break for a profitable business for the US. And now just a general enemy. The enemy is such that it is now difficult to imagine the peaceful existence on this planet of Russia and the United States.

Many things, to be honest, have accumulated, for which I would very much like to thank the United States. Thank you with all my heart and for the whole gash.

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