Roundabout was left without a CEO

Olga Naumova resigns as General Director of a network of shops “Pyaterochka” is the main revenue division of X5 Retail Group, the largest retailer in Russia. Reasons for leaving the X5 in the message is not indicated, the representative of the X5 refused to comment. Contact Naumova failed.

Igor Shekhterman. Acting Naumova will be the Executive Director of the whole group. “The company plans to appoint a new General Director of a trading network” Pjaterochka “from among internal candidates after the annual update of the strategy in accordance with future tasks of the trade network.

Naumova joined X5 in 2013 Prior to that, she was CEO of Rimera, the oilfield services division of the Chelyabinsk pipe rolling plant. It was when it was updated. Because of these changes, the X5 has been able to accelerate the growth and growth of the leadership in the retail sector, ahead of the “Magnet”.

Roundabout was left without a CEO

Nowhere to grow

Naumov completed the task of restoring growth, “Pyatorochka”, probably the company did not have the same opportunities for further growth as the leader involved in the General Director of “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov.

In addition, the bar of expectations for “roundabout” was raised very high and to match them in terms of increased competition and a likely return to growth. “Magnet” it will be very difficult, says Burmistrov. Further rapid growth of risks facing antitrust restrictions in the Moscow region, St. Petersburg. Petersburg, the market share of “Fives” is already quite high, the expert said.

Last week X5 announced results for the first quarter of 2018: increased by 20.2% to 350.3 billion RUB turnover of the X5 began to grow more slowly in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, and increased by 23.4 %. The reason is “Pjaterochka”. YTD sales growth in your network slowed down: in January sales grew by 24.2%, in February – 20%, in March – by 20.7%. Revenue in comparable stores by 0.8% due to the reduction in the number of purchases by 2.2%. According to “VTB capital”, this was the next reduction in traffic of Pyaterochka 2014

From Moscow to Krasnodar

In addition, after VTB bought the largest package of shares of “Magnet” the founder of a network Sergey Galitsky, the market expects changes in the management team of “Magnet” reminds Burmistrov. With this in mind, Naumov, in his opinion, may be one of the major candidates on the post of the General Director of the company. “Still, it is the most powerful competence-crisis management and strategy development positioning,” – said the expert.

Roundabout was left without a CEO

“The five” began to lose customers

In the market discussed what is “Magnet”, the key statistics of Raiffeisenbank Natalia Kolupaeva. “Among the discussed candidates, of course,” Olga Naumova, so further announcements will be to the market great intrigue, “says the analyst.

In the contracts of the top managers, X5 stipulates that in the six months after leaving the group, X5 from its competitors, said the representative of the X5. Also during this period, gone from the X5 to the top. Similar items in the contracts have all managers, including Olga Naumov, added the source, “Vedomosti”, but the details of the termination of the contract were not disclosed.

The press service of “Magnet” is not yet answered the questions of “Vedomosti”.


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