The most awkward situation.

Imagine: you are a professional MMA fighter, go into the cage, get three long rounds in the face with elbows, legs and hands. The battle comes to the decision of the judges, and now you stand next to the referee. Ring-announcer reads the note: you won. It seems that they already had time to rejoice, but stop: the presenter says that he was mistaken, your opponent actually won.

You are overwhelmed and depressed. “Damn it, how is it? Yes, I definitely won! “- you think. Your opponent with joyful screaming walks around the cage and flaunts in front of the fans. It is suitable to calm you down – and the ring-announcer again takes up the microphone. He again made a mistake with the announcement of the winner – he says that you are the winner! You breathe out and thank God, and the rival is in shock. From such emotional swings can become bad.

This situation occurred at the AFC regional promotion tournament in Anchorage, Alaska. David Booker had a confident fight against Elijah Terrell, but the ring-announcer announced the winner of Terrell. Happy Elijah jumped on the ring – it was his first exit into the cage, and immediately so successful. But the celebration quickly interrupted the presenter: in fact, the judges unanimously gave the victory to Booker. For him, this success was the third in five battles in the MMA.

“I blundered: I correctly read the notes, but incorrectly called the winner. Excuse me, this is my mistake, my friends, “the ring-announcer said.

Elijah Terrell was upset, but already hinted to Booker in the instagram that he wanted revenge.


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