Emiliano delighted with the home arenas of “Zenit”.

Rigoni admires "Krestovsky" and says that in Argentina there is no such stadiums


Midfielder Petersburg “Zenith” emiliano Rigoni said that he really likes the home stadium blue-white-blue. According to the Argentinian midfielder, in his homeland such stadiums is simply no. Also emiliano allocated arena “Krasnodar”, “Spartak” and CSKA Moscow.

“Allocate arena” Krasnodar “and CSKA. I know that world Cup matches will not be there, but they are beautiful, comfortable, cozy and modern.” In the same series entered the stadium “Spartak”. the championship game. ||| Though you have made our stadium of the brackets, but I am the best aesthetic, comfortable, with a wonderful atmosphere. No. There is no such “, – Rigoni quoted by the weekly “FOOTBALL”.

Author: Oleksiy Stolyarenko


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