Canadian lawyer Richard McClaren shared his opinion on the doping problem in Russian sports.

“The film of the ARD channel made a splash, and WADA had to respond to this. Our investigation was focused on Russian track and field athletics. The independent commission found that the use of doping in Russia is controlled by coaches, officials, doctors who know what the detection period for certain drugs, what substances should be taken and how to evade testing.

When I read the article in New York Times with the revelations of Grigory Rodchenkov, I said: “This is impossible.” This is a deeply rooted culture of deception, a system specially designed to deceive the sports community.

The Russian doping system included participants at all levels. What happened in Russia is a massive sport fraud.

In Russia, there are a number of problems that allow the culture of deception to grow and spread. Sport is seen as part of the political success of the country.

Deception and manipulation is not only in Russia, it’s the problems of the whole world. Corruption in our society exists at all levels, so it is also present in sports. After all, sport, after all, is the microcosm of society as a whole, “McLaren said.


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