MOSCOW, may 5. / TASS /. Most of the participants in the Preparatory Committee for the 2020 Conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation (NPT), which completed its work in Geneva on 4 May, reiterated their support for the sustainable implementation of the Joint comprehensive plan for the Iran nuclear program (SVPD). About it on Saturday.

"The vast majority of States reaffirmed their support for the sustainable implementation of the AGREEMENT, which became one of the key elements in sustaining the nuclear non-proliferation regime"- said in the message. It is noted that Russia and China issued a separate joint statement in support of the AGREEMENT.

The foreign ministry also said that "the Russian delegation confirmed its willingness to work with all the interested parties on the issue of establishing a nuclear-weapon-free zone (NWFZ) in the middle East".

The background of the question

In July 2015, Iran, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, Britain, China, USA, France) and Germany reached an agreement to resolve the nuclear issue of Tehran. They have developed AGREEMENT provides for the lifting of UN sanctions, the US and the EU. In January 2016 it was announced about the beginning of the implementation of the transaction, and Washington lifted the restriction.

In turn, the President of the United States Donald trump called the deal with Iran "harmful" claiming that it had not prevented Iran from developing nuclear weapons, only delayed it. January 12 this year, the White House said that the United States of America will cease participation in the agreement, if it is not amended. At the end of April, the representative of the American administration announced that the United States and France, Germany and the UK have made progress in the negotiations on adjustments to the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, but final decisions have not yet found.


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