The New York Times I learned that John McCain, a cancer of the brain, refused to attend the funeral of President Donald trump. This is due to the complex personal relations of the two politicians.

Relatives of a cancer patient McCain decided not to call trump to the funeralDonald Trump (Photo: Carlos Barria / Reuters)

Relatives of a patient with brain cancer, Senator John McCain decided not to call the current US President Donald Trump at his funeral, reports The New York Times.

As found out the publication, friends of the Senator, sent to the White House, McCain funeral. At the same time they invite to the ceremony, Vice-President Make Pence.

81-year-old John McCain is a member of the Board of Governors of the United States, discussing with them the issues of the law, in particular, the candidacy who should take his seat in the upper house of the US Parliament after the death.

McCain’s complex relationship with trump. In particular, the future President, in 2015, said: “I love those people who do not take prisoners,” said trump.

McCain, in turn, has repeatedly criticized the policy of the trump, in particular, the question of the reform or abolition of the system of medical insurance Obamacare adopted under President Barack Obama. Also McCain is negative to “autocratic” and protectionist aspirations, trump in foreign trade relations and its approach to the issue of migrants and refugees. Finally, McCain denotes trump for indifference to “the moral side” of the character of world leaders and political regimes. In particular, the Senator criticized the congratulations on the victory in the elections of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in March 2018.

Relatives of a cancer patient McCain decided not to call trump to the funeralMarat Musin (Photo: Personal page of Oleg Blokhin’s / Facebook)


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