As noted, the calculations are based on information posted on the site of public procurement.

The total cost of announced tenders for holding various events in Moscow on Victory Day amounted to almost 190 million rubles. The largest of them was offered by the Ministry of Defense – it is planned to spend 147 million rubles to transport servicemen to participate in the parade. Two contracts were concluded with the IP by Alexander Zatsepin, who owns the company “NKN-Story”, which won the tender last year. In addition, the Defense Ministry purchased 34,000 medals “For participation in the military parade on Victory Day” worth about 9.3 million rubles. Among the state purchases is also a 5-kilometer St. George ribbon costing 100 thousand rubles.

About 100 million rubles will be used to disperse the clouds over Moscow on a holiday. Overclocking clouds will be 12 aircraft – three more than last year. For the festive decoration of the city will spend more than 107 million rubles. Almost half of these costs will go to the design of Red Square and Vasilievsky descent. The rest of the funds – for the design of districts and districts of the city.

The most expensive event will take place on Poklonnaya Hill – it will cost the city authorities 13 million rubles. The Symphony Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater will be performing under the direction of Valery Gergiev. About 11.4 million rubles will be spent on a festive concert at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. There will perform songs about the war in jazz processing. The action “Immortal Regiment” will spend approximately 12.5 million rubles. Concerts at the Belarusian, Kazan and Riga railway stations will cost 13.3 million rubles, and events in Moscow parks will cost the authorities almost 45 million rubles.

For the fireworks in Moscow, more than 8.8 million rubles will be allocated. Among the souvenirs – products with the symbolism “I love Moscow” for more than 400 thousand rubles, as well as blankets, umbrellas and covers for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

As RBC has been informed by the Defense Ministry, 159 combat vehicles, 75 aircraft and helicopters, as well as 13,000 servicemen will be involved in the Moscow parade this year.


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