Ramzan Kadyrov reacted to the statement of the US Secretary of State.

Ramzan Kadyrov rejected the statements and. about. the US Secretary of State on human rights violations in Chechnya, saying that the situation in the Republic is “much better” than in America

Acting US Secretary of State John Sullivan called on all to pay attention to the impunity of human rights violations in Chechnya.

Ramzan Kadyrov reacted in his telegram to the channel, as follows. “With all responsibility I tell Mr. Sullivan that his statement on human rights violations in Chechnya contains not a small part of the truth. This also applies to the part about alleged impunity. As for basic human rights, the situation in Chechnya is much better than in the United States of America, in this I assure you my dear friend.

Kadyrov referred to recent reports on human rights practices published by the US State Department at the end of last week. The authors of the document called the governments of Russia, Iran, China and North Korea “morally reprehensible” and claimed that human rights violations are committed in these countries “on a daily basis. They also specifically mentioned Chechnya, Kadyrov and his government, highlighting the alleged impunity for violations.

In his response, the Chechen leader said that the Republic had an extremely low level of murders, robberies, rapes, abductions and other “street” crimes. He noted that Chechnya stands out at the world level as a region that prioritizes equality on ethnic and religious grounds and provides equal access to education and health for all its inhabitants.

He also invited the acting secretary of state of the United States to visit the detention center in the Chechen capital Grozny and the prison in the Naur district of the republic to personally familiarize himself with the conditions of detention of prisoners. Kadyrov promised to apologize to Sullivan personally if during this visit the official finds evidence that conditions in Chechen prisons are worse than in American prisons.

Kadyrov said that the concerns expressed by the American diplomat, was particularly cynical after the US introduced a new round of anti-Russian sanctions.

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