After the protests “He’s not our king,” the activists complained of injury. The head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov wrote in his telegram channel.

Chikov said that 13-year-old boy complained about the beating to the police and had some medical help in Moscow, another man showed injuries from truncheons.

Krasnoyarsk headquarters Alexei Navalny said that after the beating, police injured activist Daniil Markelov. “Agora” filed in the Imprint of the criminal case.

The correspondent of “MBH.Media” Alexander Skrylnikov conducted live broadcast, and received a blow of a police baton. The human rights coordinator of the project “Open Russia” Paulina Nemirovsky said that doctors diagnosed the journalist with a rupture of the lung tissues.

Correspondent MBH.Media Sasha Skrylnikova cops was hit with a truncheon. We thought just a bruise, asked for everyone to take a beating in the injury. This is a life-threatening condition, Sasha called an ambulance, and we will not be in vain. Dq2kBL9G5F

The activist of the Association of national resistance Dmitry Karasev has been detained at the rally in Moscow. According to the activist Milena Khutoryanskaya, during the detention, he was beaten with batons, after that he became short of breath and complained of severe pain and nausea. Karasev was taken to the hospital. Pauline Nemirovsky has been suggested that he broke two ribs and hit the liver.

This detainee Dmitry Karasev. He is now in Sklife, presumably, two broken ribs and a broken liver. Just about anyone for it will be nothing, but for a chipped enamel of human teeth in the armor, people for a few years drove away. MpFIKfeXU7

– nuclear dance (@polinanem) May 5, 2018

The correspondent of the edition FlashNord Maria Dovish told that St. Petersburg police have acted very harshly against the protesters, “we are not the king”: according to the journalist, her in the chest and punched one of the officers. Ivan Zaloznaya. Federal Agency for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Protesters complained about the disruption of mobile phones. Blogger Denis Styazhkin turned to the “Beeline” to find out why his number was blocked. In support of the mobile operator.

Protests “He’s not our king,” may 5, were held across Russia. According to OVD-info, in total, 27 cities arrested about 1,600 demonstrators and bystanders.

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