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Advance warning, this will be the match. Bayern – real Madrid on the part of the Royal fan club. And mostly you will be talking about Madrid.

May 1 will be the match of the Champions League semifinals between real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The game will be held at Santiago Bernabeu. Let me remind you that the first match ended with the victory of the creamy with a score of 1-2.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

Some statistics

All statistics are from the official site of UEFA

• "Real" beat "Bavaria" in six games with the difference of scored and missed goals 15: 5.

• Only twice in the history of the Champions League. The team is managed to qualify for the next round of the playoffs. In the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League 1995/96 "Ajax" lost in native walls "Panathinaikos" with the score 0: 1, but on the road the Greeks scored three unanswered goals. In the 1/8 finals of Champions League 2010/11 "Bavaria" with a minimum score defeated "International" in his field, but then lost at home (2: 3), admitting final defeat on away goals.

• Last season, the rivals met in the 1/4 finals, and "Real" subsequently became the first team that defended the trophy in the era of the UEFA Champions League. In Munich "Real" won with the account 2: 1, after which the Bavarians are equalized in the two matches in Madrid. The showdown continued into extra time, the following which the team of Zinedine Zidane won with result 4: 2.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

• The clubs have met in three of the UEFA Champions League campaigns in the row of 2000 to 2002, and each time the winner of the confrontation had won the tournament. "Real" achieved success in the semi-finals of the 1999/2000 (2: 0 d 1: 2 d) and in the quarterfinals of the 2001/02 (1: 2 g 2: 0, etc). Zidane played in both matches of the final duel. In the semi-finals in 2000/01 celebrated the victory "Bavaria" (1: 0 g 2: 1 d). Bayern was stronger "Real" and in the second group stage of the Champions League in 1999/2000, winning 4: 2 in Madrid and 4: 1 at home.

• "Real" at home with "Bavaria" played as follows: B9 D1 L2 ZG21 A11.

• The defeat of "See" (1: 3) was for "Real" just the third in the last 30 European games, 21 wins and six draws, one of which was recorded in the Milan final in 2016 with "Atletico" that team is Zidane won on penalties.

• 41 the last home match of the Champions League "Real" celebrated 34 wins. Defeats ended only two meetings: the quarterfinal with "Juventus" and the return match 1/8 finals of UEFA Champions League 2014/15 with "Schalke" (3: 4), but then they still won on the aggregate score to 5: 4. However, if you take a full time "Real" last year lost and "Bavaria".

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

• Statistics "Real" in home matches with rivals from Germany: B25 D5 L3. The above mentioned defeat of "Schalke" only in the last 17 home meetings with German clubs (13 wins, 3 draws).

• Statistics "Real" in the two-legged confrontation against German clubs: P8 B17. They have won six duels in a row. Last defeat in the two matches of the Bundesliga teams they suffered against Dortmund "Dortmund" in the semi-finals of the Champions League 2012/13 (1: 4 g, 2: 0, etc). All four goals in the first meeting, then scored the current leader "Bavaria" Robert Lewandowski.

• "Real" have lost only one of the 33 knockouts in the competition in which they won their first game on the road. This series includes victory over "Bavaria" in the 1/4 finals of the last Champions League (2: 1, 4: 2 in extra time) and "Juventus" in the quarter-finals of the current tournament (3: 0, 1: 3 at home). Lost the real Madrid "Odense" in the third round of the UEFA Cup 1994/95 (3: 2 away, 0: 2 at home).

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

If you look at the statistics, it seems that Bayern are quite a few chances to make the finals.

However, there are several reasons why.

  1. Last year Madrid won the day Bayern Munich with the same score, as this time is 1: 2. And even though Madrid went on, the results of two match confrontation, but managed to do it only in extra time. So Bayern already have a fresh experience of wins (in regular time) at the Bernabeu.
  2. In the last 2 seasons talking about the statistics – our own peril. Barcelona, ​​Roma and even Juventus has shown that nothing is impossible.
  3. Real Madrid – Bayern is a European classic. There can happen, anything. Heynckes will want to slam the door on “farewell”. Like the last time, when he announced the end of his career and Bayern won the treble.

So the stats, but shapkozakidatelskie moods Madrid can not afford. And knows that Zidane, who said the following:

“To go further, we need to be ambitious, more than usual.” We are ready and very determined. “This is the main game of the year.”

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

Estimated lineups


Bayern have problems with injuries. Of players will miss the match for sure: Neuer, Boateng, Robben, Vidal. If they were healthy, 100% played in the starting lineup. The match will miss another player who could go from the first minute in the match against the Madrid team.

The only positive news for the Bavarians from injury has recovered Alaba, which is likely to start the match from the first minute.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

Here is my version of the starting lineup of Bayern Munich. Of course, there may be other options, but based on the players that are available to Heynckes, I will assume that this is the only viable option for Munich.

Of course, it is possible that the starting lineup will have to wait for surprises such as the exit from the first minutes and Lewandowski, and Wagner. But I do not really believe it.


But there’s more to it. If Bavaria, in my opinion, there is simply no space with the choice of players to start, at Madrid, this is no problem.

Main question. Who will replace Carvajal in the starting lineup.

All Spanish broadcasters will be released Lucas Vazquez, since he actually played a game with Bayern right lateral regions.

I’m sure that Lucas will be on the field from the first minute. He leaves his usual position is right winger. And in the protection is Nacho, who has recovered from injury and already 2 days training.

Said damage also have ISCO, who was supposed to miss the match with Bayern, and the match with Barcelona at the weekend. However, alarcón trained in the General Group without any limitations, so he will be able to take part in the match. Only he will most likely remain on the bench.

Also, due to the fact that on Saturday Casemiro played the full 90 minutes, the variant at which in a match with Bayern he will remain on the bench. Recently, Kovacic at his position is no worse than the Brazilian.

I suppose that from the first minute.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

Bale just stay on the bench. But with Benzema there can be no confidence. Replacement for 65 minutes in the match against Leganes Zizou showed that he is counting on Karim in the match with Bayern Munich. I hope that Zizou is planning to release Karim from the bench.

Problem to be solved Zidane

Despite the positive outcome of the first match, the game showed by Madrid, can not be called successful. In order to pass the final, you must play the match in a completely different quality. And here are the 5 main problems of the butter in anticipation of the return match with Bayern.

1. Area left back

Even though I wrote the review for the first match between these two teams that Marcelo not particularly to blame for the conceded goal, but the left-back area is the weakest point of the creamy.

Marcelo requires a more careful defense. Even if you need to sacrifice the attacking action. The maximum concentration on their direct duties.

The same applies to Ramos, sometimes too recklessly rushes into the safety net of the Brazilian loses his area.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

In the first match, Madrid were lucky that Robben was injured in the beginning of the game and Bayern began to only play through Ribery.

If Heynckes will think of something and find a way to exert increased pressure on the area, Marcelo-Ramos, the butter will be a problem. Half of the goals conceded to games.

Marcelo and Ramos should set an example and lead the team to the final.

Much will depend on Asensio, who should appear from the first minute. Thanks to its reliable game about the flank, it is possible to maintain a balance between attack and defense.

2. The support area

Casemiro lately is in bad form. If it comes out of the first minute, he should give 100%. Madrid needed a defensive midfielder who would eat the center of the field, as did Casemiro recently.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

In the first match of the Brazilian played very slowly, allowing the opponent to safely get to the box by Navas. And Ribery a couple of times sent Casemiro to the buffet.

If instead of Casemiro will appear Kovacic, and he’ll need a bit more work than usual. No risk-taking near his own penalty, the Croat is sometimes abused, and the maximum concentration.

3. Navas

Calor has exceeded the limit of effective errors in the most important matches of the season. If butter want to win, the best time for a match.

When Ramos are not on the field, the defense has not been very reliable (even more unreliable than usual). And it’s not just that it’s someone who is on the captain, and that, being in the field, he inspires confidence in his team.

Navas had also instilled confidence. Now it is not. And because of this, often, the defense cream is the kind of orgy, when the players kicked the ball, which was required to take a goalie, or when

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

In the first match they are unable to take advantage of confusion in the penalty Blancos. This time things may be different.

4. Ribery

With franzosen need to do something. In the first match, he cheat and Carvajal, Lucas and Casemiro. Only at the end of the second half, when Ribery from the left a bit, Vasquez was able to close it.

If the Germans continue to play through his flank, and at Madrid on the field, only will be recovered nachos, then a lot will depend on the help of Lucas in defense.

But if Lucas will play right-back, I’m afraid Ribery will handle it will be very difficult. I do not see more player in the squad of Madrid, which could help the right lateral defense. Is that a dual center Kovacic, Casemiro could solve this problem.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

5. Ronaldo-dependence

In the first match of the butter was not able to get close to the penalty area of ​​Bavaria. Partly to blame was a tactical picked up by Zidane, and partly the fact that they have blocked Ronaldo tightly.

Thanks to the excellent shot Marcelo and errors of Rafinha, Madrid managed to score 2 goals. But what if Bayern will no longer make mistakes and give the ball to the opponent? Usually in these moments to the forefront of Cristiano. But we have seen that the Germans were able to block him oxygen.

In this case, from other players of the line of attack of Madrid requires a more active game. To expect that Bayern will not score 2, not in the style of the Blancos. It is necessary to go forward and score. Even if Ronaldo will again be super tight asshole.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

The expectation from the match

It will be a battle. Tactical maneuvers and coaching the game. All the players will decide on which will be higher pressure.

Bavaria to some extent. They have a lot of injured players. This should play into their hands. And the coach they are very experienced, he is able to bring the players in the best mental condition for this match.

In favor of Madrid can play the effect of the Bernabeu and that, more recently, butter was already on the verge of failure. Again this should not.

Preview of the second leg real Madrid - Bayern

In any case, you can be sure of one thing: 90 minutes (and maybe more) at the Bernabeu we’ll enjoy playing some of the best teams in European football.

Thank you for reading material. Write comments and share your expectations from this match. Who will be in the starting lineup? What will be the final score?

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