President Zeman confessed that the "Novice" was produced in the Czech Republic

Today’s speech by the head of the Czech Republic on local television has become a real information explosion. And, undoubtedly, will have far-reaching consequences.

Milos Zeman said that according to the report of the Military Intelligence of the country, a nerve agent called A230, also known as the “Beginner”, was produced at the Military Scientific Research Institute in Brno (the second largest city in the country) at the end of last year.

"It does not surprise me that "Newbie" we had, I’m surprised that we lie that we did not have it", – the president said.

Recall, after a few weeks ago, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova mentioned the Czech Republic among the countries where the chemical could synthesize, the Czech Security and Information Service, Civilian Counterintelligence hurried to refute this information.

Nevertheless, Zeman commissioned the inspection of the special services and prepare a report:

"Since military intelligence is closer to this subject than civilian counterintelligence, I prefer to rely on its data. “

So, according to the report of the latter, Nerve agent analogous to agent "Newbie", in the country was produced. And more recently, back in November 2017.

True, it was produced in small quantities, and after the tests it was immediately destroyed.

“Now we know where and when. And it would be hypocrisy to pretend that nothing like this happened. “

Immediately after Zeman’s statement, the defense minister of the Czech Republic, Karl Shlechtov, wrote in twitter that the president can not comment publicly. At least for now, since “it has information only in a hidden mode”.

According to her, the Czech Republic, if doing similar research, it is exclusively for security purposes, and immediately after development, the substance is destroyed. “In the territory of the Czech Republic at present "Beginner" no”.

President Zeman confessed that the "Novice" was produced in the Czech RepublicDefense Minister Karl Shlechtov twitter wrote that the president can not comment publicly.

In turn, opposition politicians after a loud speech by the head of state accused him of spreading disinformation and a desire to please Russia. Some even started talking about high treason.


And one in the field warrior, if he is Zeman

Not right something in the Czech kingdom: the Czech president Milos Zemannoprecki to the all-European trend announces that he will go on Victory Day in Moscow, but the parade will not do the same. The Czech government refuses to pay the ticket. That parliament is trying to launch an impeachment procedure. All this takes place against the backdrop of a split in Czech society, fierce bickering in newspapers and hysterical attacks by the US ambassador who genuinely considers himself equal to the head of a small but independent state … What is really happening in a quiet and peaceful European country and why Milos Zeman became “white black “- says Elena Khotkova, adviser to the director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (candidate of historical sciences) (more)


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