Poltavchenko took part in the action "Clean beach"Una photos the Governor of St. Petersburg Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. Photo: Instagram / Andrew Kibito

Today, may 5th, the Governor of St. Petersburg Petersburg took a rake across the Gulf of Finland. This was reported by his press Secretary Andrei Kibito by placing the appropriate photo in the social network "Instagram".

Environmental cleanup, with the participation of the Governor, was held at the Gulf of Finland. The protesters cleared the area from the yacht club "Baltiets" until the Duderhof canal. Poltavchenko personal example supported the campaign, and also took up the rake.

Action "Clean beach" annually held in Russia for 4 years. The venue was turned up by the exhibition of firefighting and rescue equipment and tents. In the subbotnik was attended by the townspeople and officials and volunteers.


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