Political scientists told what tasks the new government is waiting forPresident Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with members of the Russian government. Archive photo

MOSCOW, May 4 – RIA Novosti. The new government, which will be formed after the inauguration of the Russian president, will be updated less than half, political scientists believe, while the cabinet will seek to fulfill the tasks identified by the head of state Vladimir Putin in a message to the Federal Assembly, as well as to ensure economic growth and a generally breakthrough development of the country.

Political scientists told what tasks the new government is waiting forUnpredictable and complex: political scientists told about Putin’s new term

The inauguration of the Russian president, after which the current government will resign, will take place on the coming Monday, the appointment of a prime minister and the formation of a new Cabinet of Ministers is expected in the near future. As previously reported to RIA Novosti source in the parliament, the candidacy of the head of the new government will be submitted to the State Duma on the same day, May 7.

Despite the rapid formation of a new government, the ministers do not give an unambiguous answer if they remain on duty. At the same time, parliamentarians note the high chances of the current Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to retain his seat. However, everything is not so cloudless: there are other candidates for the post of chairman of the Cabinet, experts say.

The lawmakers and experts polled by RIA Novosti told about the tasks facing the White House, its prospects, as well as about the career chances of the current ministers.

Cabinet renewal

According to the head "Political Expert Group" Konstantin Kalachev, there should not be any significant changes in the government structure, and the Cabinet of Ministers will be updated "less than half". "In essence, it will remain the same. And this is not bad: continuity is a plus. I think that some ministers are subject to replacement, but I will not name their names. I think that key ministers will remain in their seats", – he said.

Political scientists told what tasks the new government is waiting forMedvedev told what he learned from his job as prime minister

In turn, the president of the communication holding "Minchenko Consulting", political strategist Yevgeny Minchenko names the four "strong ministers"who have high chances to keep their positions – either in the ministerial format or in the format of vice-premiers: they are the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin and the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

Professor RASHiGS, political scientist Vladimir Slatinov believes that claims of a reputational nature are to the Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev and Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky. Also, the expert doubts that Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko will remain in the government.

Assessing your chances

Some ministers have already expressed their opinion as to whether they see themselves in the new government. Despite the rapid approval of the candidacy of the Prime Minister, Cabinet members do not give an unambiguous answer and address questions to the head of state.

Political scientists told what tasks the new government is waiting forThe personnel policy of the president will become tougher, experts said.

So, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov also does not have ambiguous ambitions and relies on Putin’s choice. "I want to work where the president will say", Shuvalov said, answering the question of journalists, whether he wants to get into the new Cabinet of Ministers. Asked to clarify whether there is a government, Shuvalov said: "I am happy with any work that the president will give".

There are also those who would be happy with any position in the new government. Thus, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin noted that he is ready to take any post in the Cabinet.

"Any position that corresponds to my professional skills and will give an opportunity to centralize our main designers – certainly, this post will be in demand. I’m talking not only about myself, but about all that class of people who serve their patronymic and serve their president and consider him the leader of our big country", – noted Rogozin.

He also stressed that he had not yet considered what he would do after leaving the government. "I have no such plans yet", – the vice-premier said.

Political scientists told what tasks the new government is waiting for

The source said when the nomination of the prime minister for the State Duma is expected

Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov also addressed the issue to the leadership of the country, answering the question whether he expects to keep his post in the new government. "No comments. This is a question for the country’s leadership", – the minister told journalists.

Some members of the Cabinet pay attention to the need to work. Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko, speaking about whether he expects to enter the new Cabinet of Ministers, told RIA Novosti that the current government and he does not need to rely on something, we just need to work.

"I think that we, the acting members of the government and myself in particular, do not need to count or guess here, we just have to work to ensure stability. Nothing more is needed. Work", – Mutko told RIA Novosti in response to a question whether he expects to enter the new Cabinet of Ministers. According to him, the president will determine himself further about the structure and composition of the government: "It’s already his choice". "We are people who must now complete the work, so that it is stable, calm", – the vice-premier noted.

Tasks and prospects

One of the important issues concerning the activities of the next government is the tasks facing the Cabinet. The political expert, member of the Expert Council of the Institute for Social, Economic and Political Studies Alexei Zudin believes that the main task of the next government is the implementation of the election program of President Putin, with whom he won the presidential election. "It is likely that in the structural, that is, functional respect, and in the staffing the government will be formatted for the solution of this main task, and this is not a short-term task, but a medium-term", – told RIA Novosti Zudin.

Political scientists told what tasks the new government is waiting for

The new government faces ambitious tasks, said Matviyenko

In turn, the president of the National Strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov believes that to implement the tasks Putin put in the message, a certain tool is needed, the task of the Cabinet of Ministers to create them. "The task of the Cabinet is to create a toolkit for these tasks. What are the tasks – this growth rate is higher than the world average – and not ever, but now; this is spatial development, development of territories, increased investment in infrastructure in particular; this development is based on breakthrough technological solutions; and this is the fight against poverty"- said Remizov RIA Novosti.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Mikhail Yemelyanov ("Fair Russia") believes that the first and main challenge is to ensure economic growth, which Putin indicated in a message to the Federal Assembly on March 1. In his opinion, the current Cabinet in the last five years "failed this task". Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the current government fulfilled the tasks set by the president.

Political scientists told what tasks the new government is waiting for

In the State Duma, Medvedev’s chances to retain the prime minister’s chair

"The economy of the country hangs about zero. In fact, the country is stagnant, the government is trying to write off this for sanctions. But the matter is not in sanctions, but in the policy pursued by the government. Therefore, we are waiting for a radical change in economic policy, its focus on economic growth, and not on inflation targeting, structural reforms and other verbal escapades. Goals must be real", – said Yemelyanov RIA Novosti.

As the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy Vyacheslav Timchenko believes, the new government will focus on the implementation of tasks aimed at ensuring the country’s breakthrough development. "I believe that the tasks indicated by the President, which concern, first of all, the breakthrough development of the country, and will be the main vectors of the work of the new Cabinet of Ministers", – told RIA Novosti Timchenko.


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