Polish journalist Tomas Maceiichuk was banned from entering Russia until 2048. This was reported by RIA FAN.

Polish journalist was banned from visiting Russia until 2048

He received a ban on entry to Russia for 30 years – until April 10, 2048

– Record in Facebook Мацейчука.

Earlier, Maciechuk was detained on suspicion of extremism, discovering in his apartment items with Nazi symbols.

The journalist said that he was brought to the case under the article “inciting hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity.”

Later it was discovered that he was in Russia illegally. A notice of the ban on entry to the territory of Russia, Maciechuk received at the Moscow airport “Domodedovo”. According to the Polish journalist, he flies back to Germany.

According to the Code of Administrative Offenses, a fine is imposed for this, but the court has the right to appoint a compulsory expulsion from the country, which was done.

The Federation Council began to draft amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO), which provides for punishment for information extremism.

Polish journalist was banned from visiting Russia until 2048


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