For the time of the World Cup 2018 in the northern capital will be installed equipment for professional radio communications. As follows from the documents posted on the public procurement portal, the “National Center for Informatization” (“daughter” of “Rosteha”) is ready to spend 19.9 million rubles on this. The contest was announced on April 13, and on April 24 the applications began to be considered.

The NCC intends to equip the Pulkovo airport, the organizing committee office on the Tennis Alley, the transport depot in Dnipropetrovsk Street and the Park Lane Hotel on Ryukhina Street, where the representatives of FIFA will be located.

The coverage will be organized according to the TETRA standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. This is a system based on GSM technology, which allows you to organize several levels of priority calls and protect information. The main users of the TETRA standard are power departments, airports, and the manufacturing sector.


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