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Perhaps you do not know which Marcelo is cool

The last clasico gave one important observation: even when Madrid’s chances were rapidly melting, and Cristiano Ronaldo did not manage to pull the team behind him, Real remained a player who gnawed at every ball like a monster. This Marcelo – infinitely vigorous, persistent, equally powerful in attack and defense. It was he who broke through on the left flank and gave “Real” a chance to maintain the lead in the championship (scoring at 2: 2).

It seems that we underestimate the scale of Marcelo. He has played in the “Real” for 10 years and almost imperceptibly became his legend.

When the money ran out, Marcelo asked his grandfather for the last penny. 60 cents, which he scraped in his pockets, would not be enough for a bus, but it was enough to chop in a slot machine, where it was necessary to choose the flag of one country and wait for a happy accident. Marcelo was lucky: everywhere was Croatia, and the machine spit out as much as 25 reais. This was enough for burgers for himself and his grandfather, and for the road.

So Marcelo went to watch in the “Fluminense” when he was 10 years old. All his childhood he spent in beach football and futsal, but following the example of his father, he dreamed of becoming a fireman and did not take the game seriously. On football, only the grandfather Pedro Vieira insisted – his desire was not quenched, even when the “Fluminense” did not take Marcelo into a full-fledged football team with the formulation “There are more bright and talented guys.”

Grandfather insisted not in vain. First, Marcelo for about a year engaged in “Vasco da Gama”, and then the second attempt still made his way to the “Fluminense”, which trained in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. Grandfather periodically took Marcelo to trainings on the legendary and elegant “Beetle”, and those pleasant trips the Brazilian even devoted a small tattoo on his right hand. But when for the development of a grandchild’s career they needed money, the grandfather sold the car. “We needed money for bus tickets to safely get to the academy. But I still do not understand: how could you risk so much and part with the car, not knowing that your grandson will still become a football player? “- argued Marcelo many years later.

Perhaps you do not know which Marcelo is coolMarcelo on the right

The entire first salary – 100 reais – Marcelo gave his grandfather. “If it was not for Pedro’s grandfather, I would never become a football player.” At the age of 15, I wanted to enjoy the life of an ordinary teenager, but he did not let me relax, “Marcelo said.

Grandfather died during the World Cup in 2014, two days before the semi-final with Germany, in which the ruthless Germans simply destroyed Brazil (7: 1). Luis Felipe Scolari suggested Marcelo go to the funeral and somehow come to himself, but the defender was extremely courageous: it is better to stay in the team and try to win the world championship for his grandfather.

Did not work out.

One of the players of the “Fluminense” of zero start Renan told that long mini-football lessons made Marcelo unpredictable in the attack: “As soon as you were going to make a move and take the ball away, he jerked and improvised, invented something.” The defender himself explained this by the specifics of the game in the hall: since the court is smaller, decisions need to be made instantly: “In addition, one must be a universal. If you go to the gate to the right, you have to hit the ball with your right foot, and if you jump out to the left, then left. “

It is because of this non-standard attacking manner and mobility Real entered into a transfer war with the strongest sports director Monchi: Marcelo has almost signed a contract with Sevilla, when the office of Fluminense flew paper from the “Real” – 6.5 million Euro.

Brazilian immediately introduced as a long-term replacement of Roberto Carlos – the king of the left flank.

Perhaps you do not know which Marcelo is cool

Long-term – because the bosses of “Real” did not hurry anywhere. To throw a South American into the game immediately after the transfer – too risky. He was scheduled to try in Castilla, but Fabio Capello left Marcelo at the core so that he himself would learn from Roberto Carlos the main tricks and tricks.

“Roberto Carlos is a very kind person,” Marcelo said. – Immediately gave me a mobile number and said that I can call at all for any reason – if you need advice on the game or life in Spain. We became friends, and when we could not fly to Brazil for the weekend, we celebrated different holidays together. So just coming to visit the idol is priceless. “

At the end of the season, Roberto Carlos flew to Turkey, and Marcelo gradually matched to the status of the main player.

Perhaps you do not know which Marcelo is cool

In Spain, Marcelo moved with his wife Clarissa. Their love story is very beautiful and correct.

Perhaps you do not know which Marcelo is cool

In “Fluminense” Marcelo became very friendly with his teammate Cayo. They lived in the neighboring streets in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, went to workouts together and sometimes looked to each other for a visit. When Marcelo was 15, Cayo introduced him to his sister Clarissa. A few months later they began to meet, and two years later flew to Europe. Now they have two sons – Enzo and Liam.

For Marcelo and the Clarissa family, she stopped her career for a long time: at least from 16 to 24 years she did not have a single project, although on acquaintance she worked in a youth theater and participated in five productions.

Even with the upbringing of children, Clarissa constantly studied at different courses related to acting and organizing cultural events. Her immediate plans are to return to the stage and star in a small series.

Cayo, who gave Marcelo an acquaintance of all life, was not lost anywhere. He also moved to Spain and plays mini-football, and Marcelo regularly comes to his matches and sits on the podium.

In the summer, they together launch the Campus12 educational project – a children’s multisport camp for children from 6 to 16 years old, which will be based near Madrid, in Getafe.

Perhaps you do not know which Marcelo is cool

Marcelo and Cayo

From June 26 to July 21, children will be able to play beach football, futsal and traditional big football – in general, everything that Marcelo himself went through. The partners of the project have already become the charitable foundation “Real”, adidas and local authorities Getafe.

This project completely fits into the model that Marcelo chose for himself in the future: he does not want to be an elite trainer or a status television expert. His goal – to leave the spotlight and quietly work in junior football.

“I have another little dream,” Marcelo admitted recently. – Before the end of my career, I want to go back to the futsal and play in the same team as Cayo. It will be beautiful. “

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