Payment for the blood of civilians: DNP militia suppressed the APU firing points

On Tuesday, May 1, Ukrainian militants from the 25th separate airborne brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked residential buildings in the village of Verkhnetoretskoe. According to the press service of the UMN People’s Democratic Republic, as a result of the attack, the family wounded couple was injured in the village of Krasnaya.

The first aid to the wounded was provided by those arriving at the site of the shelling by the military personnel of the DND. Both civilians were taken to the hospital in Gorlovka. Immediately after the evacuation, according to the press service of the UMN DNR, the positions of the Ukrainian army were cleared.

“Their firing points were suppressed by the military personnel of the DPR of the weapons, which are not prohibited by the Minsk agreements,” the ministry said.


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