“Block Out” Nikol Pashinyan said that there are “various scenarios of the action, and the timing of the early elections depends on each of them.” He said this at a press conference after a meeting with workers in the Armenian Parliament News.am.

“If I am elected Prime Minister at the time, when I see resurrection,” said Pashinyan.

He asked if the new Cabinet of Ministers to include representatives of the Republican Party of Armenia. It is noted that if elected the Prime Minister, the consensus Government will be formed on the political situation in the country. Also depends on it and hold early elections in Armenia, said Pashinyan. “There are several scenarios for early elections,” he said, without going into details.

Pashinyan spoke about several scenariosPhoto gallery

Pashinyan spoke about several scenarios

Pashinyan spoke about several scenarios

Thursday, may 3, it was reported that Nikol Pashinyan was re-nominated to the post of Prime Minister. He was supported by one of the deputies of the Armenian Parliament. On Tuesday, may 8, the Armenian parliamentarians will vote for a new Prime Minister. In that case they will not be able to choose according to the Armenian Constitution.

On Tuesday, may 1, the vote took place as Prime Minister. But then MPs are unable to choose the head of the Cabinet. To win Pashinyan had to recruit 53 votes, however, it voted 45 deputies. Wednesday, may 2, the Republican party, which holds 58 of the 105 seats in Parliament, refused to nominate its candidate for the post of head of the Cabinet.


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