More and more dissatisfied with the presence of the US military appears in Syria. If before the US soldiers felt frivolous and did everything they wanted, then the last two months became a real hell for them.

All because in several Syrian provinces, in which there are those same armed forces of the United States and their base, began to appear groups of Arab tribes fighting against Americans, or as they are called on the Web – partisans.

Partisans attacked American officers in Syria: what the US is hiding

Over the past two months, the US situation in the ATS has deteriorated noticeably, because during this time they were committed about 10 attacks, and in almost all of them they suffered serious losses.

The most notorious were the attacks in the province of Hasaka, where the base of Al-Shaddady is located, in which the US trains fighters. There the guerrillas blew up a column with servicemen on the mine, resulting in the six soldiers being killed. Another case was in Rakka – the soldiers were trapped in the partisans.

The question arises: why does the Pentagon hide its losses? There is a reason door for this. The first of these is the image of the “great” America. I am sure that the Ministry of Defense least want to spoil it, they do not just lie about the failed missile strike on April 14.

As for the second reason, the Americans do not want to publicize the fact that the inhabitants of Syria, its indigenous population, opposes the presence of the US in their home.

It is more likely that in the near future we hear a lot of news that the Syrian partisans are liquidating the US military.


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